Saturday, October 25, 2014

Serendipity Full Circle~Beyond 5

Connie and Julia

Yesterday when I wrote my Daybook entry ( found one post below this one) I told you a little story of serendipity.  I love that word it means a "happy accident"  has occurred.  Well I truly don't believe in accidental happening but I do believe in happy.  And this is such a cool story and as I said, I do love the word serendipity...So here goes!

The entry from the Daybook asks about something that surprised me this week... here is that answer updated.

It was being able to meet a wonderful a lady from Utah on Pinterest, sending her a comment about her amazing pin boards and then becoming friends on Facebook a few weeks ago. Then having her post a status update on Facebook about a Private Beyond 5 Concert that she was organizing for 100 lucky kids.  These guys are good, this was a big deal!

Well, our granddaughters are big fans so I tried to arrange to get two tickets and surprise them on Mom's approval and agreement to get them there.   Of course she said YES!  I got to call and tell them about it on Wednesday night after everything was securely in place.  They were so excited!  But I'm not sure who was more excited, them or us?

Ammon, Tanner, Zach, Patch, TJ
Beyond 5

Two of the five boys are going on a mission soon so the group is disbanding temporarily.  One is serving in Texas and the other in Scotland.  It will be about three years until they are back.  That is a long time for kids. Especially teenage Fan Girls as they call themselves.  Although they support the boys in their choice to be missionaries there has been some melancholy lingering about our Fan Girls.

These great YouTube videos came 
from Piper's Pinterest Board!

Piper and Ammon

My new friend, Connie, then sent me a picture of her granddaughter with three girls in it from a previous concert.  She said, "My granddaughter is on the right! To which I replied...and my granddaughter is on the left!  How amazing is that?  Considering there are millions of pinners on is quite astonishing that I met Connie.  Julia and her daughter already know each other!  

Beyond 5ers

Piper had not sent me her pictures when I was doing 
this so here is an older one. Her hair is longer and
 darker as you can see in the group shot above.
(It is such a sweet picture I decided to leave it in.)
She's always beautiful and such a 
carbon copy of her mother at this age. 

Oh this just arrived!
Piper and Zach
The girls report having a great time at the concert and private party with the Beyond 5 Stars afterwards where they could chat, have pictures taken and get autographs.  Piper just got her photos to me but Julia has been on it since she got home last night!  They are so adorable!  It is so nice to see them having a fun time with good people.

Here are Julia's photos:

Jewels and Tanner
He leaves for Texas in January

The Fan Girls...well some of them!
Piper and Julia on the left end standing

Julia and Ammon

Jewelz and Patch
Heading to Scotland!
(Not Julia she and Piper 
have already been there!)
He's going on a mission!

Julia and TJ

Julia and Zach
Three years will go by in no time!

This is the very best long distance Gramma and Grampa thing we have experienced in a very long time.  Heaven only knows how much we miss these good and sweet girls.  Whatever we give them they give it back tenfold to us.  Just look at that look on Julia's face. That is one big heart print for me.  Look for it on Pinterest on my "Hugs" Board.  Love you sweet girls!  Beyond Infinity!  

Miss you...Gramma and Grampa

P.S. Connie, "Beyond Grandmas"right?


Jim said...

You are a wonderful Grandma! What a great idea for our girls!...give them what they want...their guys!