Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nourishment to Body and Soul~Thanksgiving Thoughts

It has happened...once again we are in the midst of the holiday season!  How does the time pass so quickly?  I love the holidays but I do so wish time would slow down just a little.  I was looking for something to post this morning that I wrote a few years back.  I decided on this one~I think it has a good message.  I hope you like it.

Our ward has a unique tradition. We have a Thanksgiving Devotional every year on Thanksgiving morning with a very light and healthy refreshment time afterwards. It is fairly short, the program consists of prayers and songs and one speaker. Some times it is a ward member and sometimes we get a speaker from another ward or stake. I have done the talk twice over the years. It is a fun assignment.

The second time was about four years ago and that was when I started my favorite things list to help me think more about the big and small things that I am grateful for. Then I challenged the congregation to do the same. I don't know if they did, but I have been doing mine ever since and update it a couple times a year. It does tend to make you so much more aware of your blessings.

From the website

The speaker this year told about the history of the first Thanksgiving and then talked briefly about the concept of Getting To Do Something as opposed to Having To Do Something and how when we consider what we have to do as an opportunity and a privilege and not an obligation and duty we are much happier. We can then eagerly look forward to the things in life that are ahead of us. It was a simple talk but very thought provoking. If you thought this way it could make a big difference in your life and how you live it.

I thought about how changing this one aspect of so many things could make me feel happier about the daily tasks I get through so I can then do something I enjoy more. The key word there is "enjoy" I need to try to enjoy the mundane a little bit more..for it is a big part of daily life and we should be thankful for it too. We like the concept and practice of feeding our spirit as well as our bodies on Thanksgiving.

Debbie and Judy did a wonderful job on the feast. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting baby Colton who is now 15 months old and a barrel of energy. None of the photos of the family turned out well.

I do have this one of Judy, Mickey and the baby.
He had just taken his first header on
the pavement
 so it kind of skinned up.
Colton is adorable.

And this one of Grandma Gloria and Josh
waving her Italian hands like crazy!

And Lastly, The Thankful Ones that Got Away

They have been hanging out in our yard all week.
They find it a safe haven apparently, just as we do!
No Black Friday shopping for us 
we are hiding out in our own wildlife reserve.

And that is a wrap on Thanksgiving~
(the Holiday) for 2011!

Thanksgiving will continue on everyday around here!