Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Simple Woman's Daybook~November 8, 2014

Our lives pass swiftly by! I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts about them.  
That is what this Daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One entry at a time.

Just for today~Saturday, November 8, 2014
Outside my window...It's 5:15 am so pretty dark and chilly outside right now.  Lately I have been having trouble sleeping on some nights so rather than just lie there I get up and do things.  I think it has a lot to do with the time changes.  I wish we didn't do that.  It like having jet lag without going anywhere!

Restless sleep or lack thereof makes for a long day that usually then requires a nap, or riposo as they call it in Italy.  Most of the world naps so I figure...why fight it?  It pretty much all evens out in the end.  One thing I have learned is that what you don't get done today will be waiting for you again tomorrow.  That is life unless you have a maid, a chef and a personal assistant to help you out. So what I am trying to learn to do is to just go with the flow.  It is what it is!  

I am thankful for....this time of year and the cooling off from the summer, the beautiful fall colors that are so enchanting and that never get old and the month of November where gratitude is even more on my mind that usual. 
I see Christmas just around the corner.  The decorating, the festivities, busyness and the joy.  Not a moment to be bored that is for sure.  Jim and I will be taking off for a few days in December and I am looking forward to that and thankful for it.

From the learning room...I have known for a long time that a grateful person is a happy person.  Everyone has their trials and tribulations and challenges but a focus on what we do have as opposed to what we lack is a healthy way to live.  It is win/win for everyone around us as well.  No one wants to be around someone who can never see the good in things.  The other things about a grateful heart and happiness is it can be attributed to knowing and praising God from whence our blessings flow. 

To just be grateful in general, is not the same as being grateful to our Creator and our God.  The latter leads to a greater sense of purpose and peace and a desire to uplift and help others.  The minute we begin to think that our blessings come from ourselves or that we're just lucky, or deserve what we have because we are somehow more important than someone else...we are in trouble. There is a difference between making good choices for better outcomes in our lives and taking the glory upon ourselves.   Everything, every breath we take is a gift from our Father who loves us.  May we never lose sight of that.  As we recognize and acknowledge that we will have true happiness in our lives.

I am reading...This wonderful book entitled The Godfrey Genealogy sent to me by my second cousin, James Godfrey, as a copy from his personal genealogy collection.  He received the book from someone else working on the Godfrey lines and he was generous to share it with me at no cost.  I treasure this story and the information about our common ancestors and that through my family history work I have met Jim on  That in itself is a miracle.  I use to go to his Grandparents' house when I was a little girl visiting in North Dakota. His grandfather and my grandmother are siblings.  But without our common interest in preserving memories of our family and the Internet we never would have met.

From the kitchen...Well in reality not much is happening but I did watch a bunch of episodes of The Pioneer Woman on Netflix the other night and I totally got motivated.  So we'll see.  She makes it all look like such a delightful adventure...I need an attitude adjustment!  She made it such and act of service and love to others rather than mundane shopping and chopping.   I need to get back to that kind of thinking...Working on it.

Some spiritual thoughts I have been having...just how grounding the foundation of faith is in our life.  How much I love sharing it with people I love and watching the way faith works in their lives and ours is totally uplifting.  It keeps us going no matter what.  I love the fact that faith in Christ's love is stabilizing.  That it never changes, bringing such peace. That is so important in a world that changes daily and with traditions and standards being is tossed to and fro by every wind and whim of this group and that group. 

It is not that we shouldn't question and progress but certain things being maintained creates security in living that we all need.  I find the endless debates about every little thing so tiring.  People want to create a God to suit them, instead of acknowledging Him as our creator!  So weird.  And paradoxical.  As for us, we are staying squarely on this path.  We like His plan and that is our choice.

Someone I am praying for this week... our Hazel who is having a major back surgery on Monday morning, Susan who is recovering from hip surgery after a nasty fall, Stephen almost mended from his surgery and also for Ben Terribilini who is 11 and struggling with leukemia. He has been running high fevers this past week.  Several times getting up to 108.7 in the night when he had to be packed in ice.  No child should have to endure that and no parent should have to helplessly stand by watching it.  I didn't even know a person could survive a fever that high.

I am missing...everybody who isn't here tonight.

I am hearing...Max Raabe, love that funny man and his music.

One of my pleasures...Honey crisp apples.  They are in a class by themselves.

Pet Peeves...well this is gross who spit.  I saw a guy do it right out in front of the grocery store the other day and think nothing of it.   It was beyond disgusting.  It made me shutter.  Ick! Who would ever think that is OK?  It's just plain wrong.

Past Remembrance...Being in Rhode Island a few years ago for the Fall Colors.  Oh my was glorious.  And going to Maine and New Hampshire and Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts too.  Then visiting a little place called Sugar Bush Farm where they make their own maple syrup and cheese. It was just so country and wholesome and fun. That was one of those trips that should not be redone.  It was so good the first time.  That memory cannot be improved upon so it is wrapped in glittery paper and stored deep within.

I am quoting...Pinterest...

If I could change one thing it would be...that little Hazel would be miraculously relieved of her problems and could run and play and jump like the other kids.  Thankfully one day that will be a promise  realized in the next life.  I am so thankful she is blessed with a patient and happy spirit and she loves her life just as it is.

An enjoyable movie/ TV show we have watched lately...Maleficent. Jim and I just watched it the other night and it has a great message.  I usually don't like those fantasy movies much but this one I did.

I am curious about...the rumblings about the next Presidential Elections.  Is it even possible that he might run again?  Something to hope for anyway.

Plans for the rest of the week...I have work and lots of cleaning at home. Getting ready for the holidays.  Possible lunches or two out with dear friends and hopefully making some real progress on my current genealogy challenges. Working on a wedding reception set up on Friday.  Oh it is just one big eventful week in the offing.  And writing, I want to get a lot of writing done.  We'll see how much determination I have to get it all done during Grampa Camp.

One of my favorite things...chilling.  It is my natural way but having been married to a non-chiller for so many years I realize that I complete adopted his way of living. Running constantly.  Now I want to step back from that sometimes and just be.  It is such a struggle to find a way to create new habits.  But for me personally it is more healthy to have a better balance.  Work hard, play hard, rest as needed. Sounds simple but not really after 4 plus decades of the frantic pace.

One thing that made me so happy this past week...Being able to buy Hazel a few little warm cuddly things for her recovery.  I  got her a little cushy puppy to snuggle up with and a toasty warm nightgown with leggings.  Grampa gave them to her already and she face timed me on the phone and I could tell she liked them.  I asked her if she was all ready for her surgery and she said, No Gramma it is not today as though I had gotten the date wrong.   I love that child with all my heart.  She is the very definition of precious.

The most surprising thing this past week...Receiving a that wonderful gift from my cousin as I previously mentioned.  Then realizing gain how much I really love my cousins.  They can be so totally wonderful and usually are. 
A photo I am sharing this week...

This is a most magnificent hydrangea  growing on the Oakland Temple Grounds.  Jim and I noticed it the other night when we were there so I took this photo in the pitch dark with a flash.   It is the size of a dinner plate and right at eye level on this gigantic hydrangea plant near the gate to the inner courtyard.  I have never seen one so big and perfect before.  It is in the process of blooming as you can see so I plan to keep an eye on it this week and watch it open up.  I'll try to capture it on the camera as well.   I love hydrangeas, my favorites are the lavenders and purples.          

This is Hazel on her 7th birthday in September.  Tomorrow morning at 6:30 am she is having the first of her big surgeries to straighten her back and give her more lung capacity.  It will be a tough one.  Any prayers on her behalf would be most appreciated.  Thank you friends! 

 Love from her Gramma and Grampa



Sister Susie Says said...

I'll try this again. I'm on WiFi and it sometimes cuts out on me. I lost the last post! is bright and cool - perfect weather! set back has gotten better. I am now standing again.
LEARNING...I'm so thankful that my stamina has returned! It was like I had gone back to square one! This has certainly been a trial in my life
READING...5 books from the Psalms and one from Proverbs to get through them in one month.
KITCHEN...What they have to serve us here at the rehabilitation center!
SPIRITUAL...Waiting upon the LORD can surely be difficult sometimes. I'll be glad when I can go home to my pets.
PRAYING...Hazel has been on my thoughts and prayers too! I pray all has gone perfectly well! Thank you for your prayers!
MISSING...being home in my daily routine!
HEARING...the buzzers ringing, the overhead announcements blaring, people going to and fro...
PLEASURE...missing the pleasures of just being home and sitting in my chair.
PET PEEVE...lights being turned on in the dark when I'm asleep, noisy people in hallways, a rehab. roommate that leaves her TV going all night (unless I use my remote to turn hers off! She never knows. I just wait until I hear she's asleep!) it was before I fell. I hope to return home soon.
CHANGE...that sin would never have entered the world bringing about it's effects. our new bodies, will we trip or fall hurting ourselves as we now do?
MOVIE...none lately
PLANS...get better, better, better, until I can go home!
FAVORITE...always being at my own pace...slow!
HAPPY...That I am walking again after a two day set back! set back has made me all the more eager to overcome it and get better to go home.
HAZEL...I pray you have overcome with success from your operation!
Love to you all, Susan

Bonnie said...

Susan I am so thankful that you are finally getting better. Honestly one just never knows do they? We have prayed for you and hope for you and felt badly for you being away from your home and dearly beloved animals. I am so sorry that your kitty died while you have been away and so sorry that poor Nellie had to tell you.

God bless you to get completely over your set back and get home to normal life again soon. Praying for you and will continue. Love you dearly sweet friend.

You'll be happy to know that Hazel is getting better and actually went home from the hospital today. I'll send you an email I sent out to family this morning.

Much love to you...Bonnie & Jim

Sister Susie Says said...

I checked my e-mail before I did your post! I'm so thankful Hazel's home! AS in the story of Dorothy/Oz, "There's no place like home!" It surely would nice if going home was as simple as clicking my heels! I am standing again and can maneuver around. I had been taking 15 steps, but had a little set back. I should start that again on Monday!
GOD' Love can move mountains! Love you all, Susan