Monday, February 20, 2012

If Money Were No Object

I found this gorgeous photo on Pinterest and fell head over heels in love. We have a brick patio courtyard surrounded on three sides by our cottage. We have always talked about enclosing it somehow. Well, here is the my dreams. Can you even imagine having anything so lovely right at your house? I can. Anybody wanna lend me some cash? You can come and use it anytime! Pinterest inspired the much fun. And free too. Maureen and I were saying how we just don't get people that see something like this and get depressed. We just get excited.


Marie said...

YOu gotta have a dream Bonnie, if you're gonna have a dream come true! I think it's gorgeous too! You have great taste! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

Wouldn't it be fantastic if every day could be just like your picture, WOW!
Praying for your sweet Hazie,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh Wow Bon Bon,
That is a great room, if you don't get it here maybe it will be part of your mansion in heaven!! I agree with you I think it is so cool, and what's to be depressed about just enjoy and dream..............
So very good to hear from you my dear, like a breathe of spring to hear from you!!
Am sooooo sorry about lil Hazie, bless her sweet heart. Will have to go read after and find out what in the world happened.
That is nice Jen is going to see Laura for a week, I bet Laura is beside herself with anticipation.
So glad to hear Roberts is doing fine too. Yes, that is a good thing to remember that God's angels are watching over him.
So glad to hear Chris and family and Laura and family are doing well. Know that makes your moms
heart very happy!
So when is Jen having her surgery??
I am assuming it is after she returns for Laura's.

Glad you liked my new blog face, I am so happy to see a new color!! lol

All our kiddos are doing well too.
Scott is in Va. till thursday on a business trip, so poor Megan is missing him, she has a hard time staying by herself, bless her heart, I remember those days!!
and I still don't like it, never really did, somehow we just feel safer when hubby is home.

Dee is throwing a bridal shower for one of her best friends this Sat. along with the brides Mom, so this is a first for her, so think she is excited. I am going and sitting with Megan. Dee and Megan are in the wedding, so that will make it even more fun. This wedding will be April 15th, the saturday after Becky's daughters wedding. Then Dee is in another friends wedding March 31st, so all these weddings are about to run them crazy and are rather costly as well. The ideas these girls can come up with are really ridiculous as far as I am concerned. Megan was in her best friends wedding not to long ago as well, so Dee and Megan both are about over this wedding stuff.
Especially since they had their own weddings not to long ago.

Well, my dear you take care, and thanks for coming was a real treat.........really!
Love ya girl, Nellie