Friday, February 10, 2012

Elizabeth Gilbert~Nurturing Creativity

This TED Talk was sent to me by my friend after she and I had been discussing this very thing for quite some time. I think it is really wonderful and also believe that "thing" she is talking about is The Holy Ghost. I hope you enjoy it. I especially like the part where she talks about the poet, Ruth Stone. Just beautiful.


Sister Susie said...

I find this question deals with any aspect of work. Each year teachers have a different group of students that repond with different manners that may make your year worse or better than the previous year. I don't look at people who make movies in that manner for each story line is different and separate from a previous movie; just as writers and their books. If the book is a continuation of the previous storyline, then the brilliance of it will have to be more in expectation of what the storyline was previously about (in order to keep the theme of new expectations continuing.) I also find if you have the thought pattern of writing for yourself and not for others the storylines seem to be more inspiring (without having to worry what others may think of it.) The unimaginable force of allah (or ole) is a force other than our GOD of the Bible. People who are Christians know the leading of the Holy Spirit. I think she may have a self esteem concern. I find if you do things on your own and not include GOD this will happen. But, when led of the LORD, your hand can't seem to stop writing!