Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Simple Woman's Day Book~May 15, 2012

Just for today~Monday May 7, 2012
Our lives pass swiftly by! I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts about them.  
That is what this daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One week at a time.

Outside my window...the sun has just come up and I am a little tired.  I had some trouble sleeping last night.  You know, one of those nights where your body is exhausted and your brain is wide awake.  I'll be fine until I hit that brick wall at about 4:00 pm today.  Too bad we will still have five more hours of work.  It is going to be a very lovely day here.  Not too hot, not too cold..just right like the porridge in Goldilocks' bowl.

I am thankful for...Jim having completed the class he has been taking for the past 6 Tuesday nights and now I don't have to drive alone to work and back.  Yay!  It is so much better going with him.  I am also thankful that Chris and Missy have arrived home safely from Russia late last night.  And thankful that everyone in the family has had a safe and pretty healthy week.  All except, Spencer, actually who may have strep.  Poor kid.  There is always someone to have special concerns for in a big family. 
From the learning room...Power Point.  Hmm, easy and hard all wrapped mysteriously into one program.  I have a big project and a smaller one due in the next two weeks.  The rubber has hit the road for me.  Do or die trying this week.  Heaven help me, I need it.

I am reading...Well, I am anticipating receiving and reading a book about the production of Downton Abbey that I have ordered from Amazon.  It should arrive about the time I wrap up my two classes so hooray!  My reward for killing my brain this week.

From the kitchen...Gotta get cracking on that again tomorrow.  It is the never-ending pain in the arce for me.  I just need to accept that it must be done and get a new paradigm created.  Any ideas?  Maybe I should try to visualize the wonders of it and chant "I love cooking" over and over and over again.  The problem I have is I like it sometimes but it is the continual every day thing that is crazy making for me.
I am missing...our girl, Laura.  Honestly that girl has gone AWOL or something.  I have been trying to get her on the phone for days on end.  She is a clone of her Dad in the busy department.  Running, Running, Running. Laura if you are reading this...ET phone home!

Some spiritual thoughts I have been having...I really love how the scriptures and truths of the Gospel are so easily and differently adapted to our current situations in life.  It is like the spirit of the words just seem to apply no matter what the challenges are.  I am amazed by that and find great comfort and reassurances in it.

I am hearing...Jim is rustling around in the kitchen, getting ready to eat oatmeal and read the paper, there is an owl hooting outside, a rainbird sprinkling a portion of the yard, and an airplane buzzing by over head.  Time for some tunes.  OK, Max Raabe, Stormy Weather.  He has such a fun and unusual voice.  Very 30s and 40s.  He is a German singer.  Be warned though you have to chose the clean songs, he has some rather edgy ones on You Tube.  I am not the owner of any of those, you do believe that don't you?.

One of my guilty pleasures...A Chocolate Zone bar and fruit and milk for breakfast.  Gives me enough protein to last nicely until lunch and easy~a no brainer.  And brought to my computer by the sweet hubby doesn't hurt either.  Spoiled rotten, aren't I?

Pet Peeves...having to be a quasi-expert in every little thing to get by and not be ripped off by some person or company.  Seriously do these people stay up all night trying figure out how to get the better of people?  And why is Safeway charging $7.00 for two large artichokes? Get a grip, Grocers.  A poor little old lady walked past me and said, "I need a million dollars".  It made me sad.  She has probably slaved all her life and now in her 90s has to wonder what she can afford for dinner.

I am going...to get all my ducks in a row or die trying! 

One of my favorite things... things that happen that are so funny to you and your friends from all your previously shared experiences.  Or when something happens and you just know your friend would view it as you do and you are 'one' in so many things.  When you know your friends so well you don't have to speak you just enjoy being together and you feel completely secure in the relationship.  So Friends are one of my favorite things!

I am quoting..."Leap and the net will appear".  Zen saying

An enjoyable movie we have watched lately...Notting Hill.  One of the funniest movies, I love re-watching it.  Light and so British.

I am curious about...where this country is going and I think I have a pretty good idea.  {{flush}}

If I could change one thing it would be...A brighter future for our grandchildren.

Plans for the rest of the week...WW Meeting and work today, Wednesday get my PowerPoint going. work on my presentations until they are done.  Not planning anything that could possibly get in the way.  Time is running out.

Some photos I am sharing this week... thinking about summer!  It is so nostalgic, isn't it...?

Although our summers rarely do seem to actually be like this...it is always the vision of it that come in to my mind and brings the joy. It usually turns out to be something more like this instead......Humph!

Have a great day by making it one!


Sister Susie said...

THANKFUL...for all of you moms!
LEARNING...prayers for you are being lifted! These programs are like cell phones, they're being continually upgraded and I can't keep up with it! I no sooner get used to one version, and they change it!
READING..."Portraits of Eternity" by RBC Ministries. Review of the Bible's teaching on Eternity.
KITCHEN...I've been out eating this week. It cost me about the same as if I buy for myself and have to do the cooking too!
MISSING...the ferral cats. They are now all gone due to the County trapping.
SPIRITUAL...That's why the Bible refers to itself as the "Living WORD." It also amazes me that the same verse can have the fulfilling in your life for different times in your life and the things you need at those times!
HEARING...Golf, yes, golf! I like watching golf. They are now seeing who will enter the final two days.
GUILTY PLEASURE...Mango/Key Lime pie! Humm, humm, good (and it's not soup ha!)
PET PEEVE...DON'T YOU KNOW IT! I can't believe there is not ONE item I buy at the grocery store that is under $3.00!
GOING...They look all in a row to me, lol!
FAVORITE...when I laugh at something I think is funny and the others are looking at me in wonder, but then they break out into laughter too! You know how you can not laugh when someone else is hysterical. Laughter is contagious, lol!!!
QUOTING...Let's hope the net is attached, ha!
MOVIE...my neighbor, her husband, and I went and saw, "The Avengers." It amazes me how man wants to be all powerful and do things for himself, rather than realize it is fantacy. It's so much more when man allows our All Powerful GOD to be in control. Then will they understand what true Power beyond understanding is!
CURIOUS...the world's setup for the antichrist! Everything is happening so fast, as well as things we don't even contemplate that is going on secretly behind our backs!
CHANGE...That Obama had never gotten into office.
PLANS...all the same! I if nothing else am consistent. The only extra is taking Cody and Katy to the vet on Monday, Gracie to grooming on Tuesday.
Pictures...My favorite are the toes with the flowers. If only my feet looked that good, lol!
Love to you all, Susan