Monday, May 7, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook~May 7, 2012

Just for today~Monday May 7, 2012
Our lives pass swiftly by! I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts about them.  
That is what this daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One week at a time.

Outside my is such a beautiful morning.  Could it possibly be that the late coming winter is over and Spring/Summer is really here?  The temperatures are to be in the 80s with sun all week.  The birds are chirping and sweetly singing this morning as if they too are rejoicing.  I just love it when I check the weather on my phone and it shows me those six little yellow suns all in a row! California Girl for sure!

I am thankful for...and filled with gratitude for waking up happy most mornings in spite of the trials and tribulations we all go through.  It is wonderful to have that peace in Christ that comes in no other way.  Looking to Him and the Gospel and the light of truth is the best way for me to get through life with much happiness and for this I am so thankful.  Knowing that many I love deeply also feel the same is the icing on the cake.
From the learning room...that I love quotes and the one that I have been thinking about and learning from is the one I published a few days ago that I saw at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.  Walter Patter, "Life is to be lived intensely, with an ideal of beauty."  I just love this and I believe in it.  Give life your best and seek to embrace beauty of all kinds.  For you LDS friends, I am thinking of the 13th Article of Faith.  I just love this part of our doctrine.   When you do you will be happy and see beautiful things everywhere.

 "We believe in being honest, true, chaste, 
benevolent, virtuous,
  and in doing good to all men; 

indeed, we may say that we follow
  the admonition of Paul -

 We believe all things, we hope all things,
  we have endured many things, and hope

 to be able to endure all  things. 
If there is anything virtuous, lovely, 
or of  good report or
  praiseworthy, we seek after these things." 

I am reading...Lots of my own genealogy log posts and trying to learn how to do a PowerPoint for a class I have been asked to teach in a few weeks on beginning genealogy.  Yikes! I find YouTube to be such a valuable resources for researching anything you want to learn to do.   It is so much better to actually see it done than to just reading someone's instructions.   Hopefully all this work of the past year and some months will come to mind when I need it.  Fingers crossed.

From the kitchen..I just got back from the store.  I am doing this post in bits and pieces.  We are having clam sauce and linguini tonight and broccoli and a salad.  The best part of my shopping trip was getting our first watermelon of the season.  Woohoo...summer is officially here.

I am missing...all my sweethearts.

Some spiritual thoughts I have been having...God is the epitome of loving patience, isn't he?  He constantly reaches out to us no matter how many times we mess up he forgives us. He is all about lifting and redeeming and edifying and loving unconditionally.  It is my desire to be more like that with everyone I meet.  Sadly we struggle with the natural man in ourselves constantly but the important thing is to keep trying and overcoming and mastering the art of daily living.  It happens in small steps and a lot of time, mixed with a tremendous amount of His grace.

I am hearing...absolutely nothing...a rare moment.  It may be my nap that I hear calling my name.  Yes, that is it.

One of my guilty pleasures...A movie on my own in the middle of the day.  I haven't done it in soooo long and the time is almost here.  I can feel it in my bones.

Pet Peeves...people that are not blind but still cannot see the light. 

I am get going on dinner when I get this finished.  At the rate this is going today we may never eat dinner!  I am getting a lot done today but it is one of those days I am all over the place like a giant hummingbird!

One of my favorite things...Who do You Think You Are? NBC.  I have yet to make it through one of those without crying.

I am quoting...Laura and Ross.  "Mom, when I grow up I am going to name my son Ross."  Oh  that is nice, a Ross and a Ross Junior.  "Well actually Mom I was thinking about Ross 2.0!"  This kid lights up the world with his funniness.

An enjoyable movie we have watched lately...John the process.  Jim is really liking it too.  Marie, thank you for your tip on Julian Fellows' Titanic.  I signed up in the queue on Netflix and got the message "a very long wait".  I went to a local box store and found it on sale for $14.99.  Snagged it.  So thanks!  Without you mentioning it I never would have seen or known it was so good.

I am curious many things.  I find this to be a great blessing.  When we lose our curiosity and enthusiasm for life we start heading downhill. 

If I could change one thing it would would be that every Christian would read this blog post and everything this woman writes which is pure in an day out.  If I could write like Ann Voskamp I'd quit my day job...if I had one!  I hadn't been there or to any blogs in ages and I am wondering why I am denying myself of the richness here and on your blogs too.  Note to self...Change!  This post is on Motherhood (whether you are a mother or not, you are a nurturer and you have a mother) and it is beautiful.  So I'll include the link and wish you a very Happy Mother's Day on Sunday.

Plans for the rest of the week...WW Meeting and work tomorrow, Wednesday get my PowerPoint going and take my good friend's Mom to lunch, Celebrate two grandkids getting one year older so blogging, De Young Art Museum on Thursday in SF, sometime getting ready for Mother's Day company.  Friday Friends to visit. Oh and I am sure there will lots of other stuff peppered in.

A photo I am sharing this week... another old picture of Jim and me with our Jennifer as a tiny tot.  The older gentleman in the background is Jim's Grandpa.   This one is entitled..Family Kiss.


Marie said...

Hooray for family kisses so tender and sweet! Loved your daybook as always Bonnie. It's just like visiting with you in person. I would love to learn how to do power point presentations. Maybe one day! Love you! xxoo
PS - Your grandson cracks me up!

Sister Susie said... is getting dark and Sarah (my cat) is starting her prowling and yowling!!!
THANKFUL...for my Wednesday Bible Class!
LEARNING...that I shouldn't get upset with negative surprises! (See Pet Peeve.) bird magazines I am now getting each month. It has great info for the birds I have.
KITCHEN...frozen dinners, yuk!
MISSING...sleep from Sarah's night time prowling and yowling!
THOUGHTS...of the Rapture being soon!
HEARING...about the fear whites are now having concerning the backlash of "racism" upon whites from the black radicals Sharptin, Jackson, Black Panthers. (O'Reilly)
PET PEEVES...people from the waste management putting an illegal dumping warning on my gate instead of the gate of the people who did the dumping!!! have to wait about going to my Bible class tomorrow because of having to wait for a call from the waste management person who ticketed me! I hope she calls so I can clear my name!
FAVORITE...when justice prevails (in this day and age it is rare!)
QUOTING..."The best reason for hope is GOD's faithfulness." Daily Bread March 2007.
MOVIE...I may have already said this, "Firelight." (Hallmark network.)
CURIOUS...about the outcome of this year's elections! I use to hear my parents, grandparents say, "If we could only live in the simplier times of yesteryear."
WEEK...get my name off the citation record, Bible Class, swiffering the house, going out with my friends, getting my hair done, video taping our church service for the website.
Love to you and yours, Susan