Wednesday, January 16, 2013

20 Things to Look Forward to Right Now!

Jumping the gun I know,
  but I am already eager for spring.
It's not really just January 16th, is it?

1. More Daylight and sunshine

2. Blue skies and warmer days

3. Tulips and Daffodils

4. Being healthier

5. Walking outside

6. Listening to the singing birds

7. Enjoying the green hills

8. Wild flowers in bloom

9. Fresh air in the house

10. Planting some flowers

11. Celebrating Easter

12. Photographing Spring

13. Getting more home projects done

14. Less than 4 years before we can vote in a new President!

15. Traveling before it gets so hot again

16. Clean sparkling windows

17. Planning a trip back east!

18. Hearing children playing outside

19. Decluttering and Spring Cleaning

20. Watching the apricot trees pop their blossoms!


Sister Susie said...

Wow! You are reminding me of many things I need to get ready to do!

We are suppose to get down to 42 degrees tonight! Brrr! I'll be glad for spring to get here too!

Thank you for the great reminder of beautiful things we have to look forward to!
Lots of love to you and yours, Susan