Wednesday, January 2, 2013


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Have you noticed that in years past people have picked one word to focus on through the new year?  I have never done it but think it is an inspiring idea.  I have thought about what word would be a good motivator for me and have chosen the word BELIEVE for 2013. 

I have learned in my life that what I believe is exactly what sets the tone of just about everything.  It is our perspective on everything about ourselves, God, our surroundings, people, principles and concepts and the state of the world that influences all we do.  The real deal is that whether something is true or false almost has less significance than if you believe it does.  What you think and believe is your reality.  What a wonderful and powerful gift of agency the Lord has provided us with in this life.  We get to choose how we see everything around us, everything we experience and everything we think.  When you ponder this it is beyond amazing.

Here are some things I am going to
on believing in this year.

I believe that God is all powerful and 
that what he says is true. 

  He tells me "I can do all things through
 Christ that strengtheneth me." 
 I truly believe that. 

If he believes I am lovable and capable so I must
 also believe it even when I do not feel it sometimes. 

He tells me we are all brothers and sisters 
and to love everyone 
even those who despitefully use and persecute me.
  I believe it, I will.

I believe people are basically good because they are 
children of God. 
Really believing that make me happier
and restores my faith in humanity. 

I believe in guardian angels and that they
 watch over me and all people that I love.
  That helps me worry less.

I believe we are all his children and
 his watchful eye is on us always.

I believe in prayer and the comfort it brings
 and the answers, 
oh yes, the answers.  I believe in them.

I believe that everything that God places before me 
I can handle.
He knows how to mold me as his 
own child for my best good.

I believe there is a purpose left in my life and that
 God will teach me what I need to know to accomplish it.

I believe in the wisdom of other people 
and don't need to experience
 everything on my own.
  I can learn from their triumphs and failings.

I believe in every word that Christ teaches 
and I believe he is the only way.
The evidence of this is everywhere!
I believe in being guided by the Spirit 
and listening to his counsel.

I believe in love and that love changes everything.
Love for God, others and myself.

I believe I can improve and progress and 
become all God and I expect of me.

I believe in family and it being forever
 and that that is enough to bring the joy and everything 
else into its proper perspective.

I believe in goodness and forgiving.

I believe in God's Will.

I believe in you.  I believe in me.

I believe we choose our own degree of happiness.

What is your word of inspiration for 2013?

This is what I believe!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Beautiful post Bonnie,
I believe all that too...........

Believe is a good word to choose,
because so many times what we say we believe is not always acted out in our lives when the heat is really turned up by trials and tribulations,
but of course, that is one of the ways He causes our walk to match our talk, at least that is what I have found. Love your inspiration hon.........
Love and blessings, Nellie

Sister Susie said...

Believing that our LORD has all things in control helps me to persevere through trials, have patience in waiting for outcomes, and the joy to know it one day "will worth it all when I see Jesus!" Love to you all, Susan

Sister Susie said...

I would have never thought about ink in your pen, freezing! Oh my! I have only been in "that" kind of weather one time - Memphis, Tenn. at my uncle's house. I had my regular tennis shoes on (not realizing you can't wear those kind of shoes in "that" kind of freezing weather.) My toes were so cold when I came back in! Enjoy the recipe! I'm going out to get the ingredients to make me some!
Love to you and yours, Susan