Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Way Things Ought To Be...

It is the eve of Laura's 35th birthday.  She is here with us.  My heart is bursting for joy because we rarely get to see the kids on their birthdays anymore.    We plan to spoil her rotten tomorrow.  At this moment she is relaxing in the claw foot tub with candle light, music from the movie Il Postino which is just very mellow sweet music from the old country.  She has lots of spa products a book and she is all set.  The only thing missing is chocolate and that is on her pillow.  Tomorrow for breakfast fancy waffles, a lovely walk and then whatever she chooses to do until we go to the temple tomorrow night.  Are we doing good so far?  I am hoping it will entice her back next year!

And since her sister and our older daughter, Jen, is coming in a few days, she gets the same thing. God bless Robert and Grampa for watching all the kids so we girls can have an R&R...just the three of us for the first time ever.  I feel like it is my birthday!  I cannot remember when I have been this excited about anything! These are precious moments and I am so glad Jim got to do something similar with Chris in Peru for 10 days this past summer.  Parents and kids just need this sometimes no matter how old they get.  I am a foot taller today...I am floating 12 inches off the ground. 

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh Bonnie,
I am so happy for you! and so happy for Laura and Jenn too. What a wonderful birthday present. Know yall are on cloud nine......and hope you have the best time ever and that these days go very slowly......

Love you sweet friend,
and my heart is happy for all you!
Happy Birthday Laura, and early happy birthday to your Mom and Jenn too!! lol

Blessings for an amazingly great time together, Nellie