Friday, February 15, 2013

Girl Power Times with Laura and Jen

Jennifer and Laura

Jen arrived on Tuesday and things were complete.  It was a non-stop Gab Fest for the next 5 days.  We had plans to go shopping in Walnut Creek that night but that would actually wait for another day.  We just soaked up the fun of being together and had a nice cozy candle lit dinner at home.  Laura prepared a pumpkin risotto with grilled chicken that she had wanted to shared with both of us.  What a treat.  It was delicious!  We also had a Caesar salad and homemade crunchy bread and the best brussel sprouts contributed by Jen.  A group effort and lots of fun.

We laughed our heads off the entire evening especially over Jen's rendition of Dad preparing some bagels for the girls before she left.  He slathered them with cream cheese and plopped them in front of the girls.  They were all trying to eat them when one of the kids said, "Grampa is this cream cheese?" He replied, "Yes!" as if what else would it be?  And then Jen noticed he had gotten out a package is foil wrapped Crisco!  Oh my gosh, we died laughing over that when she imitated the look on the girls' faces.  Too funny!  That ultimately was my fault as I never bake so how was the poor guy to know they make foil wrapped Crisco?  That made it all the funnier to me.  Grampa Camp got off to a lip smacking start!  Sorry, Babe!

 We made major plans for the next few days so finally got to bed so we could be rested for the next day in Napa.  Little did we know the fun that awaited us over the next few days.  Fun that guaranteed we will do this again...hopefully annually for as long as we can.  These girls are a delight to me in every possible way.


Sister Susie said...

So that's where you have been for the passed 5 days, lol! That's a great reason why, to be with such beautiful girls (yourself included!) Joy comes in so may "fashions!"
Love to you and yours, Susan.

laura.elizabeth said...

I am not sure I can wait an entire year to do this again!! It was great, Mom! Thanks!

Marie said...

What fun Bon! Love that you are able to get together with your girls, and I had to giggle at Jim's bagel spread. haha poor fellow!