Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Girl Party Begins

The first few days Laura was here we had a great time.  Gramma came over for dinner that first night and we had a nice quiet evening.  Laura settled in and the next day was her birthday.  That day we had a nice breakfast (James was the chef) and let her open her present.  We just relaxed and visited that day and then went to the temple that evening.  There's something so special about sitting with your daughter in the temple. Sigh.  It was our Stake Temple night so it was a perfect opportunity for Laura to see lots of old friends. It is always beautiful, pleasant and peaceful on Temple Hill.

The next day we went Point Reyes Light House which was what she chose for her birthday celebration.  You can see that day posted here It was a grand day for sure.

Saturday Jim left for Utah to be with Jen's kids while she came out to join us.  Her husband, Lowell,  was away on business trip in Scotland.  Grampa had such a fun time with the girls as well as spent time with Chris and his family.  What a great guy to do that for all of us.  That is a whole story all of its own.

Directly after dropping Jim off at the airport Laura and I went to this lovely little town that neighbors where they use to live when Robert was attending Stanford University...Los Altos, CA.  This is a little, posh town near the university and one where we use to love shopping and going out to lunch.  We were up for a do-over.  Here are some of the shops and fun places we visited.

This display was just breath taking~
 The silver and the chocolate brown...stunning!

Spring is on the way, friends! Yay!

I wish I had purchased that awesome metal golden heart.  
Very pretty and vintage looking.
Would have been perfect in the cottage.
We call it Passers' By Remorse.


We ate lunch in a little Greek Place. 
 This is the eggplant salad Laura ordered. 
 It was yummy!

We strolled down Main Street and enjoyed
 the gorgeous flowers and the eye candy 
everywhere as you can see from the photos.
How could it have only been 7 degrees in Utah??

A shop named Present, this sign is behind the desk.

Love this...a Town Crier!
Don't miss Los Altos if you ever visit the Golden State.


Sister Susie said...

You have been very busy!!! Thank you for sharing all of your places you go and things you do!

I really love the plate that looks like several different kinds of flowers! I had to look again to realize it was a plate! The heart shaped plate is really pretty too!

Isn't it fun to see such unique things!

What a joyful time you had! I'm
glad to read your posts again!
Love to you and yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon Bon,
Looks like spring has already sprung in Calif......gorgeous flowers.
Those shops looked like a fun place to visit, and loved that placesetting in the red with the heart, so pretty.
Laura's salad looked mighty good too.
What a fun day. The steeples or spires on your temple are lovely.
Very different.
So glad you had that fun time with Laura, and I am sure she loved every last second too.

I saw your post earlier but didn't have time to look at it, but thought it was of Laura and Jenn,
you must have decided to redo it. lol

Well, hope you are readjusting well. Did you get my email???
Take care hon,
Love and Blessings, Nellie

Bonnie said...

Hi Nel,

Yes, I did get your email and our letters must have crossed in the mail. What you saw earlier was actually the last of the posts of the girls' visit. It was only on for a flash I was checking to see how the photos were going to look. That one will be back in a few days as I am setting them in sequential order. Sorry for the confusion.

laura.elizabeth said...

I love,love, LOVE Los Altos! And it is so much fun being there together.