Sunday, February 17, 2013

Napa Too...(Part Two)

After visiting 1870 we made our way down 
this lovely road to Mustard Grill in Napa.
Mustard's is one of the most famous
 restaurants in the valley. 
It has been voted by the locals as the 
#1 place for a date.


It has a lovely ambiance and is 
comfortable in a California way.

 One of their signature dishes is their crispy 
onions with apple ketsup.  
You always see them on
 the tables when you visit.
Everything here is a taste treat.
We had a great lunch/dinner.
I know we had something fantastic
but now I cannot remember.
One of the drawbacks of being a week
 or so behind on blogging.

The girls both loved this wallpaper in the powder room.
I have always liked wallpaper but cannot stand 
removing it so we have sworn it off.  
But it is apparently coming back into vogue
in the design world.  
It has remained strong commercially but 
it is sneaking back into homes.

I have always thought it was pretty though. 
 Like living in a gift wrapped room!

The next stop was Dean And Deluca, a gourmet store to beat them all.  We really took our time in here and enjoyed all the displays and curious offerings as well as the standards.  The girls are getting me to think about learning to love cooking again.  I gave an afternoon fancy tea with two friends for 12 yesterday at our house.  That post is in the queue.  Will I ever catch up?  I am racing to finish the girls' reunion because I don't want to forget anything we did together....ever.

It was a Sweetheart of a day!


Sister Susie said...

I like Mustard's Grill decor!

I would think restuarant's wouldn't put out too much "free" food as people would fill up on it and not order much from their menu.

The wall paper caught my eye right away! It is gorgeous! I'm trying to visualize what a whole wall would look like!

Time together with our loved ones makes me wish we could store it in a video library of our brain to retrieve the whole event in detail when we want to recall it again!

It is good for me that I don't live near where I could get my hands on all of the great food you shared in pictures! LOL!
Love to you and yours, Susan

Bonnie said...

Susie, the crispy onions are not free they are just a very popular menu item there at Mustard's so a lot of people order them. They are heavenly and deadly to a healthy life style. We get them about once every three years so we might be safe in that department??? Now for all the other departments...ugh!

By the way, San Francisco isn't on your road trip agenda is it?

Sister Susie said...

Oh, I didn't realize the crispy onions weren't free. Wishful thinking, ha!

No, we aren't going as far as San Francisco this trip. We are going as far as Nevada. The main sites are Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore. Alice has been so good to be booking places and we are paying ahead so the cost won't hit us all at once! She has gotten great prices booking this far ahead of time! Can hardly wait!