Friday, June 21, 2013

A Simple Woman's Daybook~June 20, 2013

Our lives pass swiftly by! I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts about them.  
That is what this Daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One entry at a time.

Just for today~Friday, June 20, 2013
Outside my window...Solstice!  The longest Day of the Year.  It is nearly 7:00 PM and the sun is just starting its descent.  The shadows the trees are casting on the side of the house are so pretty.  The leaves are gentle fanning us and it is cooler than usual for this time of year.  Simply put, it has been a gorgeous California day when weather is just a non-issue.  It is just almost always pretty nice here.  The flowers that Michelle planted in April are still alive!  I am enjoying them very much. They are like having little pets though and in constant need of something, like pruning, deadheading, feeding and water.  Sheesh.  Just kidding!  I am not complaining because at least they don't need a litter box!

I am thankful for....a fun summer to look forward to with lots of visitors including our son, Chris and his family, and anyone else who wants to come for a visit.  We are heading to Utah a couple of times for classes at Ed Week, genealogy seminar, and family history training for me (so back to Utah, July, August and September!) Laura and her family are coming out for Ed Week and that is going to be great.  It is always wonderful to have things to look forward to with family and friends.

From the learning room....when you love your job it is fun to come back from a vacation.  I have never loved coming back when I worked for someone else.  I liked it a lot more when coming back to my own business, but coming back to my volunteer job is the best.  I just love my co-workers and enjoy the library very much.  Volunteering at work is really something great.  No $ pressures to motivate you or limit you or cloud the issues.  Just priceless service doing something you enjoy.  That is the perfect job.

  I am reading...William Bradford's Plymouth Plantation still~this is considered to be the first American History book ever written.  Jim and I are reading it aloud together and it is excellent so far.  It is Governor William Bradford's account of why the Loyalists from England and the English Separatists from Holland came here on the Mayflower.   It recounts their heroic voyage and is about the settlement they created when they arrived.  It is a fascinating story.
From the kitchen...We just fed the Elders for dinner so the kitchen is clean and has fulfilled its stewardship for the day.  It is always fun having these great young men over.  They always bring such a peaceful spirit into our home.  One missionary is brand new.  This is the third day of his 2 year mission.  A very nice young man.  I gave them an hour tutorial on using Family Tree for their genealogy and they loved it.  They hope to share it with others as they find new people to teach.

I am missing...Traveling with James.  We just love air/car trips.  We had such a nice time and it was so perfect to have that extended one on one time.  A rare opportunity for us.  But I'm enjoying savoring the moments of that trip and writing about them a little here and there.  And another thing,  Downton Abbey~bring it on, people!

Some spiritual thoughts I have been having...I have been thinking about what a blessing it is to have decent health.  Last week when I was having that allergic reaction and had so much swelling it was very hard to concentrate on other things.  I remember that I had the impression that even though it was bad I knew the Lord was in charge.  It was a miracle they realized it was my medication (even though I had been taking it for two decades) and once I stopped taking it it was markedly better overnight.  When things like that happen you feel your testimony of prayer increase dramatically.  If we didn't have the trials we wouldn't see the miracles as readily.  The key seems to be acknowledge them and be grateful. 

I am hearing...I  am listening  to my favorite songs playlist on the computer.  Daughters by John Mayor.  Sweet song with meaningful lyrics.  "Fathers be good to your daughters.  Daughters will love like you do.  Girls become lovers who turn into mothers, so mothers be good to your daughters too."  True concepts for living.

One of my guilty pleasures...Jim's massages. He is well-trained by me! He can take all the tension that builds up in my neck all day in about five minutes.  That is such a gift!  And a good foot massage from our daughter, Laura, or our granddaughter, Julia, can cure anything that ails me.  I love getting a massage but not from a stranger.  It has to be one of those three or Jen.

Pet Peeves...sleepless nights.  And just when I get my first REM moment the alarm goes off.  Argh.

I am quoting...from Pinterest~I just love this quote!

If I could change one thing it would be...that my good friend, Maureen, was not suffering so much with her pain and mobility problems.  I am thankful she has found some help.

An enjoyable movie/ TV show we have watched lately...Birdsong~Masterpiece Theater production.  Nice!

I am curious about...friendships.  They are all so unique and so special. I am curious about how we become so close and all the dynamics behind what makes us love another person.  Sometimes it seems like so much more than just common interests and experiences.  There is that little something in each friend that you just fall in love with and it enriches you and brings you joy.  Friends take the boredom or the "quotidian factor" out of every day living and are such a blessing. (Geez, I do love that word!)
Plans for the rest of the week...tomorrow I'm going out shopping in the morning with my friend, then we have a church dinner in the backyard tomorrow night.  Sunday is always full of church and other blessings, Monday and Tuesday free to work on my lesson for the staff at the library on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday no clue yet, Thursday getting my haircut and doing some research.  Friday I am going to go to a conference with my best genealogy buddy and my wonderful friend.  Carol and I are going to a Family Search Conference in Sacramento.  We are stalking an old guy that is a funny and bright teacher.  We read his blog all the time and now we get to hear him in person.  Friday and Saturday.  I am so happy to have this time with her.  She is one special lady to me.  I can hardly wait for a chance to really gab with no interruptions like we always have at work.  She is the Assistant Director at the Family History Center so she is always running around doing stuff  and I teach two staff training sessions each work day and help patrons so sometime we are just like ships passing in the night at work.  This will be our first real girl time.  Love it!  Cannot wait.  Jim has a retirement dinner and a neighborhood bocci ball party on Saturday so perfect!

One of my favorite things...Staying up late and writing when the house is quite and listening to my favorite music and chilling out.  Sometimes I'll put on a real sentimental movie and cry big crocodile tears.  It sounds weird but I love doing that with no one to laugh at me!  There are some stories that touch my heart to the core.

One thing that made me so happy this week...watching Il of my crying jag movies.  Love it.  Sweetest movie about two friends.  It is a subtitler..Italian.  Spectacular sweet movie.

The most surprising thing this week...Spencer got his cast off and now his ankle is all swollen and discolored.  What?  Did they forget to check his ankle before casting the femur break?  That would be so annoying and unfair and malpractice like.  He has already spent 3 months in a cast and now he has this persistent new pain.

A Photo I am sharing this week..."Be Still and Know that I am God."  We have to learn to let things go, trust in Him and know that He has got this.  This will bring a restoration to our soul and peace like a brand new day!  Let His light shine in each of us.

          Until we all return...happy day to you!
     ❤♡♥♡❤♡♥♡❤♡♥s, Bon


Marie said...

Love your thoughts as always Bonnie. We are so much alike in so very many ways. You are lucky to have a great masseur in the house! Also what a blessing to live close enough to your children that you can visit often. We are having the Elders for dinner tonight! I am making Moussaka! Love you! xxoo

Sister Susie Says said...

OUTSIDE...a lizard is now gone that was resting in the same spot on my screen for four hours yesterday! friend's first chemo (of 8 hours) went well. She drank plenty of water! And only felt tired (not sick!)
LEARNING...The better you eat, the better you feel! I have gotten myself back on a schedule of eating, making myself get up and eat. Before, it would be early afternoon before I realized I hadn't eaten anything! It WAS amazing that you could be tired and be doing nothing!
READING...finishing up "Joy and Peace," (A daily study of GOD's WORD.)
KITCHEN...Chicken and Dumplings! What a great meal. I make enough to last me a few days. I don't mind eating the same thing for a few days. Wednesday Bible study with the ladies! Our class is out for the summer since so many have vacations.
SPIRITUAL...mine was just the opposite. I had run out of one of mine and had forgotten to get it refilled! My feet swelled up, my stomach was hurting, I felt tired. Once I started taking it again, all of the symptoms went away! Praise the LORD we have medicine that helps us to feel better. I'm so glad the LORD's WORD tells us there is a remedy for every illness in the healing plants He has for us.
HEARING...Red Robin Yum...commercial, ha!
PLEASURE...Snack Wells fat free cookies.
PET PEEVE...all the political hang up calls on my phone!!! One told me political calls are not held to the "National Registry for No Call" list! I need to check that out, for the same ones are pestering the dickens out of me!
QUOTING..."Resentment comes from looking at others; contentment comes from looking at GOD." Daily Bread 6/21/13
CHANGE...I'm praying for Maureen's pain to subside. I also pray for my friend to be cured of her cancer.
MOVIE..."Big" one of those "time machine" movies of a boy wanting to be a man. If Tom Hanks were only as innocent as this character (political wise.)
CURIOUS...What makes us love one another is the mystery of the Holy Spirit's love in us! (Even when we haven't met one another in person!)
PLANS...Blessings of assembling with fellow Christians on Sunday, the rest of my week is open to what comes!
FAVORITE...when my dogs come over for my affection and lay their head in my lap, or up the side of my arm with a look of serenity from their deep brown turned up eyes! friend's chemo went well. The dates for it are between our travel dates (and she still wants to go!)
SURPRISE...I pray Spencer's ankle swelling will go down and the pain will cease!
The picture is so calming to the soul! Love to you and yours, Susan