Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Will You Use Your Beauty?

This is so good!  What an amazing young woman and a great study.  This applies to all apparel, not just swimming suits.  I am so tired of knowing everything but their mother's maiden name!  This should be viewed by every decent and respectable man and woman.

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Sister Susie Says said...

Great presentation! I hope she will research body piercings and tattooing! It seems to be the craze and in my opinion disgusting.

Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

I agree with you on that, Susie. I don't care for any part of either of them except one hole in your ear lobes if you choose. Beyond that to me it is disfigurement and the tattoos are body graffiti also.

Bonnie said...

I have enjoyed watching you get into your retirement. Fun isn't it? The freedom is so refreshing. They should call it refreshment instead of retirement! Hugs, B

Sister Susie Says said...

I agree on both! I have my ears pierced ONCE!

Refreshment is the perfect word! I wake up each day, refreshed!
Love to you and yours, Susan