Friday, June 7, 2013

Patriot's Cove, City Market and a BBQ

After we left The Magnolia Plantation and Gardens I would have been perfectly content to just return to the hotel mid-afternoon and do some relaxing and writing.  Not the hubster.

He had already devised a plan to go to Patriot's Cove to browse through the Destroyers and Aircraft Carrier there.  He loves touring old ships and Patriot's Cove is a must see for someone who enjoys that sort of thing.  We had driven out to the harbor the afternoon before to check it out.

The USS Yorktown

He did go out that afternoon.  What impressed him the most was the reminder of the amount of courage and bravery it took to do all the military forces did to win WWII.  He said the photos reminded him once again how very young so many of the service men and women were.   It was sobering to remember how many of them were lost in the various battles.  Never has this been more poignant that after just having Robert return after his tour in Afghanistan unharmed.  That blessing remains fresh, very fresh.  We are so grateful.

I did go back to the hotel and write my one and only post about Charleston other than a Daybook entry for the entire month.  I think I could enjoy the ships, perhaps for a short time, had I not already been hammered with so much walking. After the City Tour of Charleston the day before, we had pretty much exhausted ourselves walking around the city and then ventured over to the Market that is one of Charleston's claim to fame places. If you have been to the French Market in New Orleans then you have the idea. On top of that first day plus adding the Plantation from the morning hours...I was needing some down time.  I once wrote a blog post about how Jim is a dash and I am a dot.  It is short!
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Somethings remain the same. 
 We are good at compromising after nearly 45 years!

This is an overhead rooftop view of the Charleston City Market.  It is open on the sides as they roll up the big  metal doors each day.  The wares are a lot of touristy stuff (mugs with Charleston written on them, t-shirts...just know) and some other nicer things too.   But to tell you the truth I did not want to shop.  I know...shocking isn't it?

I have learned over many years that just about anything you can buy on a vacation that would be something you would actually want, you can get at home or on the Internet.  Then you don't have to lug it home either.  My favorite thing to do is buy small things that pertain specifically to the learning experience like books and/or videos of the places we have visited.  Travel is the best educator in many ways.  We learned a ton about American history on this trip.  Love that.

While in Charleston I did buy a book about Christmas in Charleston though because it was something that I kept thinking about as we saw all the beautiful homes there.  The book did not disappoint.  I would love to spend a Christmas in Charleston sometime.  Maybe some of our kids will move there one day??  Fingers crossed since I know they are never moving home again.

The Market goes on for blocks and blocks and blocks!  
Something for everyone no doubt!

When James returned from Patriot's Cove we decided to go to dinner at a place known as the best Bar-B-Q in Charleston!  It is called Bessinger's.  It was pretty yummy that is for sure.

Not a fancy place at all, just down home cookin'.  Their answer to endlessly supplying their patrons with napkins?  A roll of paper towels on each table.  Practical and handy!  It was good enough for Mitt so it was better than good enough for us!

 It was shortly after this that we decided 
we could not eat like this every day! 
 Holy Cow, I mean Pig!  

Moaning and groaning we vowed for more reasonable meals as we fell asleep immediately upon our late return to the hotel.  What a jammed pack day of adventures!  (See how he runs me for hours on end!)  Good thing or I'd spend all my time writing.  Thanks, Honey!  The next day was a very special day.  I'll try to get it out in a day or two.  Later, friends!

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Marie said...

Oh Bonnie, that pork. Yum!! What a loaded day you had from beginning to end! Thanks for taking us with you! Enjoyed it all! xxoo

Sister Susie Says said...

My dad was assigned on the USS Yorktown back in its "hey day!" Of course the planes were quite different. He was a gunner on the back of one of the B??. (I forgot the number!)

Bonnie, not wanting to shop! Yes, I was shocked, ha! But, there's a time for everything! When I go on my trip in August, I plan on buying refrigerator magnets of all the places I have been. That shouldn't weigh too much to carry, lol!

The market reminds me of when I was in Jerusalem. You could get lost with all of the turns, uphill, downhill steps! I know I couldn't walk all of that today!

What a BBQ! I can only imagine the cholesterol! Why do things that taste so good have to be so bad for us! I guess it goes as said, everything in moderation! Was Jim "running you for hours" before you ate or after, ha!

Waiting for your next post, Susan.

Bonnie said...

Susie...he runs me constantly...vacation or no. There will never be a rocker on the veranda for us. Remember...Go,Go,Go! By all rights I should be as thin as a rail. I'll have to blame it on my Swedish heritage. ;-> OK, and maybe the port sandwich!

Going to a BBQ today so I'll get you that next post ASAP!

Sister Susie Says said...

I guess I should be so lucky to have someone keeping me going, ha! It would probably help me lose some weight! Eat some for me, lol!