Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bullying~It's Got to Stop!

Stop It!

Sometimes there are subjects that are so vile and evil and terrible they just need to be addressed. Bullying among children and teens and young adults and adults has got to stop.  When did civility get abolished in this society?  And the perfect storm?  Bullying and the social media.  This is absolutely appalling and all reasonable adults need to get involved in this before more people die at their own hands because of it.  The following video brings this home so clearly and poignantly.

We have to encourage our young people to speak up when these things are happening to them. Some of our grandchildren have experienced it and that makes my blood boil on so many levels I cannot go there.   We have to notice them, talk to them and create a trust with them so that they can speak up.

I posted this on Facebook and one of my friends said that her son was impressed and still talking about it two days later.  And then her comment, "It was perfect timing as a young girl in his school had committed suicide just last week."  This is an outrageous problem exacerbated  by the use of cell phones in  inappropriate ways to torment other people.  Please watch the following video.  Try not to cry.

As parents, grandparents, teachers, youth leaders and anyone who is around kids~be aware, observe their behavior, encourage them to be open with you by listening to them with full intent and loving them.  Teach them to be proactive about bringing any and all bullying to light and especially teach them not to ever be a part of it.  Make sure they are taught correct principles so they can govern themselves.



Sister Susie Says said...

The severity of the break down in the family is when the civility began to get abolished in this society. Parents not knowing how to parent and refusing to get help is growing by leaps and bounds! The politics want to leave it up to the teachers to raise these disrespectful children, yet there is no backing of the teachers in doing so! When I look back on my 34 years (before I retired), Each year got worse! I witnessed a kindergartner head banging his mother so hard in the stomach, it knocked the breath out of her and he kicked at her heals as they walked back to their car; all because she wouldn't take him to MacDonald's. Another 5 year old surprised his mother when she bent don't to kiss him, by slapping her so hard across the face it sent her sunglasses flying down the sidewalk; all because she said no to going to Wal-Mart to get a toy! Can you just imagine what they will be doing as they get older?

This kind of bullying has transferred from disrespecting their parents to disrespecting other students AND teachers. I have seen older students taken in handcuffs by the Sheriff's Dept. because of the severe assault they committed upon teachers and the Principal! One of the main problems is the politics behind it all. Politicians don't want to "upset" those parents due to losing their votes, so it's blamed on the teachers for not having "their class under control" or not teaching proper behaviors at the expense of teaching academics to the class.

The juvenile delinquent system is so overloaded they are putting these violent students back into the school systems expecting teachers to "police" them (and with no support to do so!)

The society needs to go back to where the problem started, hold the parents accountable! (And cell phones? Even kindergarteners have them now!)

Praise GOD, there are those students that were such a joy to teach, and an enjoyment every time I saw their parents! Believe it or not, rewarding these students for their behavior only made the "bullies" in the class more angry.

Teachers can't sit a "bully" to himself/herself because the parent can sue you for "isolating" their child (even though they are two feet off from the table in a desk! You can't call out a student's name when they are caught about to cut the hair of another student because the parents can sue you for "defamation of character" if they get embarrassed by getting caught!

Teachers hands are all but tied behind their backs and mouths duct taped with what they can do or say without getting fired and sued!

Bullying just doesn't occur to other students, but to teachers, principals, and even into the Sheriff's dept. and juvenile delinquent system!

Where does bullying start? It starts with children having no respect for their parents, themselves, therefore no one else!

The sad thing about it is, it could have been different if the parents didn't provide surround sound DVD systems, computer websites, and cell phones to raise their child! A "convenient" baby sitting system that keeps their child "out of their hair."

Sorry, let me get off my soapbox!
Thanks to all of the parents who love their children enough to discipline them. "Those parents who spare the rod, spoil the child, hate their child." Proverbs 13:24

Marie Rayner said...

You know Bonnie. I was bullied for about 3 years when I was in junior high. It was the worst three years of my life. I cannot imagine how much worse it might have been had we cell phones and message boards at the time. I might not still be here. It was horrendous, but at least when I went home I could get away from it. My heart breaks for all those young people who are not able to get away from it in these modern times. It really needs to stop and the law and governments need to take it more seriously, along with schools and work much harder to stamp it out!