Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So What About Kids?

I have to admit there times when I don't think a lot about kids.  Like when I'm under general anesthesia, doing our taxes or having a root canal.  But other than that I think about kids a lot.  Our kids, your kids, our grandkids and yours.  Big kids, little kids, precious infants, kids in trouble or that are troubled.  Innocent kids, naughty kids, kids that are noisy and exuberant, kids that are sad...I think about them a lot.  And there are the ones I love because I know them so well.  Or because my good friend loves them so or grandkids of theirs.  I may never have met them but if they love them...I do too.  They are a part of my friend and their life and that is good enough for me. 

I have to admit I am not really a people watcher but I am a baby watcher! I love spotting a baby and watching them in a mall or crowded place or in church.  And it is funny but if I can catch their eye they will usually smile at me, almost as if they know I am a Gramma!  

There are the ones I want to scoop up and hug and the ones that I think need a time out until they remember who is in charge.   I think about the ones I'm so proud of and the ones that worry me sick. The ones I applaud and the ones I cry over.   Kids are wonderful big and little humans, in all of their varieties.  As for the littlest kids, the thing that I love to see the most is their innocence and their newness in this game of life.  Where they haven't been jaded too much by hurts or sad things and they are just kind of living in their happy moments without a care.  The ones that have faith in Jesus, their parents, their surroundings, their friends and themselves.

One thing about them all...they all need a lot of love.  Real love and attention and protection.  They need assurance and security and praise and help in growing up healthy in body, mind and spirit. They need sound principles to guide them and understanding parents that sacrifice constantly to give them these things and grandparents too.

May none of our children ever doubt we are there for them through thick and thin, no matter how old they or we get.   And no matter what their struggles may be.  Love not only changes everything for the better but is soothes a lot of difficulties in life.  Good parents love unconditionally and kids have to know that some people will never leave them~no matter what.  Not ever.

I love the photo message above.  It is cute, poignant and true.  I like the suggestion to put them in water if they are crabby.  I once babysat a child that was crying hysterically about something.  I picked him up and sat him on the counter near the kitchen sink.  I put his little bare feet in some cool water and he was delighted immediately.  Who knew?  And I love the admonition to "Teach Feelings."  This is where empathy begins and love is learned.  And I'd add teach them to express feelings.  Especially feelings of love and appreciation for others.  May they never wonder if we love them.

So anyway, since I am not under anesthesia today or doing taxes or having a root canal...I was thinking about kids.   My kids, your kids the people that give us reason to get up and get dressed and get going every day with a purpose.  God bless us all in our sincere efforts to keep this sacred trust with the Lord to do good by them.


Sister Susie Says said...

Since I have retired from teaching and now have a grand niece (Brooklyn), you can say I'm a baby watcher! :-) Love to you and yours, Susan