Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Son...39 Years Old Today!

You and your Mom!

This morning I woke up very reminded me of the early morning of March 27th, 1975.  It was a day we hold very close to our hearts, the day our only son was born.  He arrived on the scene at around 7:25 AM.  It had been a hard day's night and worth every minute of it. When Jennifer went to bed the night before at Gramma Jo and Grampa's Ross' house she had a very pregnant Mommy.  When it was time for breakfast for her...she was a big sister.

One always thinks that babies are born at night..Chris was our only one.  Both of our girls were born during the day.  There is nothing quite like that feeling of working so hard and then finally holding your precious child in your arms.  That experience, as husband and wife, bonds you like no other.

Your parents long after you were born
About 2009

Chrissy and Jenny 1977

1997~The Wedding Day
 In The Salt Lake Temple 
With Reception at The
 Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Your goofy family of five At Sundance 2011!
This pose had some kind of significance
to someone in this  group...
No idea what?
Let's just call it a "shelfie" 
instead of a selfie!

The brothers your sisters gave you!

Mom, Jen, Grandma Gloria, Melissa, Laura

Your own little family!

Our Clan
Much Love from all of us, Christopher!
Happy Birthday!!!  You are Loved!

We are so pleased with you, Chris, and the choices you have made and the path your good life is taking.  We are so excited for your family to have the change to move to England in June to fulfill your Fulbright Scholarship opportunities on your  Sabbatical from BYU for one year.  What a wonderful chance for your children to live abroad again!  So many in our family and at Loughborough University will benefit.

Chris is in Brazil this week so we cannot even wish him a proper Happy Birthday today.  But that is OK. He's a man with important places to go and people to see.  We have learned in our family that the real celebrations and holidays happen whenever we can be together.  The date hardly matter anymore.  We are thankful for all the high quality times we do have together.  The Lord has richly blessed us all.

I adore this photo of my two Handsome Men
working together to improve the world and our world.

So a big shout out to you, Son! 
 We love you and wish you 
the very best today and always.

Love and big hugs,
Mom, Dad and Company


Sister Susie Says said...

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Nellie's Birthday is Saturday (I won't mention her age, as mine, ha!) I know what you mean about the joy of being together at these happy occasions!

The LORD bless you all! Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
and Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Chris.........
What a wonderful man you have raised
you should be so proud of him and YOU!

Loved this post.......
So sweet,
Blessings, Nellie