Thursday, March 13, 2014

San Francisco's Iconic Sight

The Golden Gate Bridge Heading North

We've all probably seen hundred of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge in our day.  I took this one the other day and it occurred to me that there are not a lot of photos like this.  We get a lot of views of the bridge but you have to be on it to see this.  Have I mentioned lately that I adore photography and capturing the feeling of being there?  It's just different than seeing it from a side angle from off in the distance.  

The funny thing I read about photography the other day that seems so true was, "Your very best camera is the the one you have with you!"  This is so true.  You can have a fancy camera but if it is in the camera bag at home or you just don't feel like lugging it around all the time, it is not your best camera.  I love the iPhone photos for handy!  And some of them can be really good.  It just takes practice and having it at the ready.

Check out this link for tips on how 
to improve your iPhone photos.
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Sister Susie Says said...

I wished now that I had taken pictures of the unique bridge designs across the Midwest when we ladies traveled back in August! It was amazing the many different ways they could "twist" the cables to hold the bridge!

Having the camera ready is surely a #1 thing too! By the time I got it out, we had travelled past the point of getting a great picture! It's hard to stop when your travelling 65 mph! (Some areas didn't have any areas to pull off.) Beautiful pictures, Susie-Q