Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bringing Christmas to You

Since you will not be able to come home for Christmas this year I thought I would send some of it to you. Here are the pictures of the decor for this year. As you know I love doing it and can never quit, for then I will know I am truly old! We sure wish you were coming here but know you will have a wonderful time and remember the Savior wherever you are. Laura and Robert, Spencer and Ross, enjoy your first Italian Christmas celebration this year and to all of our kids and grandkids in Utah...see you on the 27th! Could you order "no snow" for our flight in and out please!


Miss Jen said...

Wow! It looks great--I love that wirey ball tree in the guest room! Of course I love the giant snow family too! Very cute.

Your room looks good too, I like the new bededing, very fresh and fancy!

Laura said...

LOVE all the decor! Love the red chair, and love that color green for the walls! LOVE IT! Your house looks so warm and cozy; I can see why you are a designer!!!