Thursday, December 13, 2007

Flat Spencer

We received a letter from Spencer in Italy requesting that we tour around our home areas with a flat Spencer his teacher had him make and then report back to the class regarding our adventure. It was really fun!

November 15, 2007

Dear 3rd Grade Class:

We think your teacher had a wonderful idea! How fun to hear from family and friends around the world. What a fantastic way to learn about new places. We are Spencer’s grandparents. We have felt sad since he moved thousands of miles away from us so we were very excited to receive Flat Spencer!

We decided to take Flat Spencer to San Francisco, California. We live in a town east of San Francisco in the suburbs. Many people that work in San Francisco live in the towns surrounding The City. Everyone around here calls San Francisco, “The City!” It is one of the prettiest cities in the world and we love to visit there whenever we can.

Spencer has lived near “The City” so he has been to many of the fun places there. One place we realized he hadn’t been was North Beach. San Francisco is divided into districts and North Beach is the Italian district. Many Italians live and work in this area and there are some wonderful restaurants there. We know how much Spencer loves pizza so we took him to North Beach Pizza for lunch. We are sending some pictures of North Beach and the restaurant with Spencer sitting in the chair all ready for his lunch! We could hear people speaking Italian all around us. As we took these pictures many people wanted to meet Flat Spencer and hear what he was doing in San Francisco!

Another place Spencer has always liked is Ft. Point It is an actual Fort that was used to protect the area and the port many years ago. It is right at the base of the world famous Golden Gate Bridge. We are sending some pictures of Flat Spencer at the Fort, under the bridge, and by the water. You can see San Francisco in the background. This is the place that Flat Spencer almost flew away it was so windy!

Back in hometown there is a place that Spencer really likes to visit. It is called Pixie Play Park. Here Flat Spencer tripped and fell right in front of the train! The engineer stopped just in time! Whew! We are happy Flat Spencer was OK! Spencer’s favorite ride at the park is the Roller Coaster. So we had to get some pictures there too! We didn’t have any tickets for him to ride but we bought a corn dog on the way out of the park and he thought that was yummy! Next we visited Spencer’s Great Grandmother on her 81st birthday. She lives near the pool where Spencer and his brother, Ross, learned to dive off the diving board last summer. Flat Spencer wanted to go in for a dip but we thought it better for him to stay dry! You will, however, notice that he attached himself right to the fence and did a little whining!

Thank you so much for sending Flat Spencer, Spence! We enjoyed having him with us and we are glad that the “Real Spencer” is not flat! We like round Spencers, they are the best for hugging! We are happy you found a solution to being flat and are now back to normal! We hope you have all enjoyed getting to know something about where Spencer’s grandparents live. Come for a visit sometime. You’ll love it!


Spencer's Grandparents


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this is funny