Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting Started With My Blog

Ahhhhhh...the challenges of technology for those of us over 50! Where would we turn were it not for our children? It was once thought profitable to have many children for the much needed help in the it is all about cyberspace! I thank them all for dragging me along, double clicking here and there, and patiently teaching me something new every day.

I have always loved writing and understand the importance of journal keeping. It is going to be great fun to have a place to share the thoughts of the day, both trivial and profound. It has been said that every woman should have two to pass along and one to burn! Hopefully this one will be filled with uplifting, positive thoughts and comments and worthy of keeping. If not the escape button is in the upper right hand corner for your convenience. X marks the spot, as they say!

I am thinking that this will be a vehicle for self-discovery more than anything and for the solidifying of thoughts that seem to endlessly drift and often race through my mind on a daily basis. Just keeping up with and processing the sea of new information we are subject to each day is mind boggling. The process of writing can sort it all out, package it all up and store it in its proper place for future reference. For any of you who may want to share in this with me, your commentary will be appreciated. I am monitoring comments to prevent spam so your comment will be viewed by me through e-mail before being posted.


Miss Jen said...

Hi Mom! This looks great! The photo is fab and you did great on your profile. I keep running back to mine to add things and make changes. That's life I guess huh?

I'd found that I needed a place to tell my story that wasn't on actual paper. So much easier to keep it organized in cyberspace! Makes it easier to keep in touch with friend around the globe too!

Keep Blogging!

Lanette said...

I love it Bonnie - we can learn a lot from the younger generation. They keep in touch by blogging, it's like sitting on the front porch chatting with your neighbors only your neighbors can be hundreds of miles away! I look forward to lots of blog blabbing!

Hugs, Lanette