Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How Not To Look Old

Many times I find things in magazines and books that I would just love to keep because they are wise or funny or something worth remembering. Ripping it out of a magazine never seems to work but I figure my blog is a great place to put it and always be able to refer back as needed. You may even find it worth while yourself!

Top 25 Items That Just Gotta Go!

Holiday Sweaters with bells, appliques (reindeer, teddy bears, bumblebees, pumpkins)
Granny necklaces that
tell how many grandchildren you have
Souvenir T-shirts
T-shirts with "meant to be funny" sayings
Acid-washed jeans
Ripped jeans
Shoulder pads
Flannel shirts
Photo Handbags
(the older you get the more sophisticated
your accessories should be)
Flesh-colored hose
Penny Loafers
Oversized Blazers
Mommy robes
Thin gold chain necklaces
Elastic waist pants (ouch!)
Granny undies
Baggy Sweats
Bearlike full-length fur coats
Short shorts
Cargo pants
Stockings with reinforced toes
3 piece suits with vests

This came from the "O" magazine. It must be true...
'Cuz Oprah said.......! :-)


Laura said...

Love this list!!! It is great to read your blog! I love reading everyone's blogs daily! It is fun to add yours to my list. Also, for an interesting read and some cute pics of Hazel, look in my archives in the month she was born---I blogged about my visit when I saw you all at the hospital and got to meet little Hazel! So sweet. Something a grandmother would love; I think!

Miss Jen said...

This is too funny! I must apologize for the stuff on this list that I have given you! Feel free to chuck it all! Oprah said so!--Jen