Sunday, August 7, 2011

Heading to Cali~Home Sweet Home

Home did look and feel good after our long absence.

No place like home, your own bed and
emptying that suitcase. Yay!

Wow, what a packed couple of weeks. To say we were exhausted after the family reunion would be an understatement. Our day and two nights in Las Vegas were hot and fun and we were ready to come down from it all, as we drove home the next morning. It was hard to imagine how many different things we had done during these past two weeks. It was hard to believe it was nearly July. It is harder to believe it is now August and I am still trying to finish the posts on this vacation. But rest assured this is the end of it. It better be, we are heading back to Utah again at the end of next week. What I haven't already posted for July is going to be skipped over.

The last five days Laura and Robert and the boys were here we did a bit of traveling around the Bay Area. Of course we took them to the City, the Temple, and the guys went to Point Reyes on a day trip hike, we had a BBQ at Jim's mom's and a birthday celebration for Ross and me and we played in our yard.

The boys were dying to drive and ride on Grampa's tractor and they did just that the first day. We had a day or so of just hanging around. We went to our local Farmers' Market one evening and also went to the one in SF. Love love love taking pictures at a Farmer's Market. That was great. The boys enjoyed playing tether ball and basketball in the backyard and reliving the singing frogs around the pond at night. Of course there was a bonfire and s'mores. Laura and I also got a day for girl stuff while the guys hiked. That was the best, so relaxing.

Treasure Island

SF Market

Jim loves this part.

I love this part

And this part.

All time favorites!

Spicy and crunchy and great!

Visiting Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Reading about the Fort

Windy, Misty Fun!

These two are so cute together.
Makes our hearts sing!

As does this!

Our little tree hugger, Ross! Aquatic Park!

These guys have no shame.
Just plopped right down for a nap!
Ross and I watched out for them
while they slept!

Sunday before church we went over
to the Temple Grounds
and watched the Joseph Smith film.
It was very inspiring!

Point Reyes Beach ~ the reward for the two mile hike in!

I do so love this photo of Robert and his little men.

Home town Market night!

A little big for this now but what the heck?
One last try at it! Right?

Locally grown healthy stuff! Yay!

Spencer replacing the string net with a chain.
These guys are good players!

Girls day, shopping (check out this fun ring!),
beautiful hair cut for Laura, fancy lunch at home
and a matinee showing
of Eat Pray Love on the big screen,
a foot massage...pure heaven.

Happy #9 to my birthday twin...Rossie!
Have I ever told you he is named after my Dad?

Laura made us a great Birthday dinner!
Thanks Honey!


Sister Susie said...

You are one busy family!! I can just imagine how it felt to get home and rest. When is the next outing!!
Love to you and yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Feels like ages since we have been in touch. Loved your was great as always. Laura is such a cutie and looks so much like her mommy!!

Loved your story too about being stranded in the desert, definitely,
not a place you would want to be stranded that is for sure! The Lord comes thru in the most amazing ways, doesn't He???

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Things are going great here...........

Love ya Sweetie,

Sister Susie said...

Thank you for your encouraging words, Bonnie.
Love to you all,

Deila said...

I love a good Farmer's market, we moved up to El Dorado Hills, outside of Sacramento, I have yet to find a good one!