Tuesday, August 23, 2011

That Exciting First Day!

Piper, 7th grade here she comes!
Blessings to you sweet girl!
Love your new do...you are adorable!

Three of the ten checking in with Gramma and Grampa with their first day of school photos! Remember how exciting that first day always was when you were a kid? So many emotions running high until it becomes routine about a week later. Everybody in the school seems to have new shoes and after that first magical week, they are scuffed up and broken in and nobody looks down at them like on the first day. All the new outfits are worn by then and probably lying in a heap on the floor someplace in their rooms.

I never walked through the snow five mile to get to school but I do remember only having two dresses when I was in fifth grade and carefully alternating them, one week wearing the aqua blue one with the drop waist and the rhinestone pin three times, the next week the red plaid one with the sailor collar. I also remember consciously sucking in my stomach when walking in the front of the class for any reason. Bizarre for a ten year old way back then. It wasn't all media we see, but also just that built in female thing. And the hair, it had to be just so. Ahh, the good old days.

I just remembered another funny thing...that was the year I got a "training bra" although I am positive I did not really need it. What was I training for? Oh yeah, now I know... the unabashed torture of wearing one for the rest of my life! I can remember distinctly, sitting in my little wooden desk and casually touching my shoulder to see if I could feel the strap, thus assuring myself I hadn't accidentally skipped my training that day! These times were not the easiest for a blossoming young lady.

So I empathize with these beautiful young granddaughters!

Julia looking very sporty and cute with
her new pixie cut for 6th grade!

And Chloe Jane just having lost her 7th tooth,
ready for first grade and totally oblivious
to the concerns of the bigger girls!
These are the sweet, young, innocent days when
they don't give a rip about their hair or clothes
and they can just

totally be themselves.
Enjoy it little one! You too will grow up all too fast!


Caroline Craven said...

I"m so glad I peeked in on your blog today. I have been so lazy about reading/writing a blog this summer. I've been busy training to get certified as an herbalist and it takes up a lot of my time. Anyway, we are going to the wedding too and I was so excited to see that you and Barbara are going. We have to meet up and catch up. I can't wait to see Michelle. It has been over 8 years since I last saw her. We got Jacob's announcement and I didn't even recognize him. I almost threw it in the trash because we get a lot of invites from people we don't even know, but then I though maybe I should at least read it and see who it was. I couldn't believe it. I remember Jacob as a chubby little 11-year old boy I taught in Primary. Now he's some hunk of burnin' love! I don't know who else is coming from Concord, but we have to get together. See you this Saturday, YIPPEE!!!

laura.elizabeth said...

Love these girls and think they are handling the pains of growing up with ease and grace. They are darling in every way- much more so than I was at that age. I hope it is a great day of every one!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi my dear Bonnie...

Oh, your precious little ones... They are all so darn cute, aren't they? Love the smile on your little Chloe Jane's face.... hilarious....

Glad to hear your darling Hazie is doing well... You know I have a heart for that sweet YOUNG LADY... no, she IS NOT a baby....I'm so happy she has spunk. Good for her, that precious girl.

Things have been ever so busy here, but hopefully calming down for fall. It already feels like fall here.........and a tree next door to my daughter's house has already changed color. Amazing.

Glad you're well..... I miss you.


LA Adams said...

I love your insight into girls. I learn everything about girls from my friends. What beautiful granddaughters you have! I love hearing about them and the grandsons too. Next week my kids will be in school too - I'll have to come up with new plans.......

BECKY said...

Hi Bon! What cuties they are! I can't believe how Piper has grown! Time is flying by, isn't it?

Hope all is well with you, gal! Things here are really good and really busy!

Working every day to find the balance in it all! Doing well with the God and family first part! The rest is a bit muddled sometimes!!

Big hugs and love to you from across the miles!!

Marie said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful Bonnie. I remember well how very exciting the first day of school was every year. I was always more than happy to be going back! xxoo