Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keeping UP!

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Don't you just love this? Poor Dad stuck back in the era of "The Grampa Box." I have been feeling this exact thing as I have been struggling to figure out my Mac technology, PC laptop (ugh are they sure this is just back to the 90s?), software programs, search packages, Google filters and maps, my new scanner and thinking about an iPad. And to think I was feeling great about finally cleaning out my 1300 + many emails cluttering my box, putting the important ones in new folders and deleting the rest to organize some genealogy materials.

All I can say is this better be an antidote for Alzheimer's!


Sister Susie said...

That's me! I'm doing good to keep up with my computer changes. I'd sink in all of the new electronic gadgets, ha!
Love to you all,