Monday, January 16, 2012

Laughing My Head Off

Can You Relate?


Sister Susie said...

Being an animal lover, I surely can relate. Of course, being retired now, I can relate even better, ha, ha! I guess the saying is true when we were babies we had the care of our parents. Now in older age we need the care of our aadult children as we become more like kids, lol! I'm so joyful I'm a child of the LORD!
Bless you all,

Marie said...

Oh, I do love piglets! So cute! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Feels like ages since we have visited. thanks for coming by last week, I am very sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, just a lot going on with getting the house back together then a busy weekend.
Hope you are feeling much better than last week, and hope you didn't wind
up sequestered for a jury or anything, especially since you were feeling bad...........
So glad yall were able to be with Laura and the boys for Christmas but I am sure it is hard being away so long. When you return gives you plenty to keep you busy I am sure.
We are all doing well. Thankful to finally have my house back together, altho I still need a few
finishing touches and to put some stuff away in the spare bedroom that was still there from the reception. We have company coming
supposedly around the 8th of March,
so gotta be getting that bedroom squared away soon.
and we need to redo some chairs outside in case they would like to sunbathe some. I have had thesed chairs since Scott was a baby. they are made of Aluminum and my dad gave them to us, and we just need to paint and restrap them.
We were gonna by new ones but can't find any that are made like this that are aluminum, and one is a nice lounger, so unless we see some here soon, am just gonna order the strapping on line and do it ourselves.

Well, you take care, and come again soon..............miss hearing from you hon. I have kinda
been the same way with blogging lately, course, during the holidays everyone is so busy not many are visiting as well as myself, just don't have the time,
so things will probably pick up soon, and maybe it will reinspire us. lol
Blessings abundant and Happy New year to you and Jim,
Love ya, Nellie