Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Island Treasures

Well, tomorrow we are going home! How can we possibly leave our sweet boys and Laura? We just have to, want to or not. I cannot help but think of Robert and how incredibly hard it must be to be away from his boys. I admire his courage so much. We must wait for our heavenly experiences I suppose, but, oh my, it is so hard when you get a taste of what it will be like along the way. Families can be together forever and for this I am so grateful.

Spencer 12, Ross 9

These are the photos that Laura took of the boys for their Christmas cards. I think she is an incredible photographer. It is hard to shoot a moving target and she has done a wonderful job with this series of photos. We have so many blurry photos of them as we have tried to capture a moment, but really these cannot be outdone.

Most boys do not like their pictures taken as you may have noticed if you have any. Most of the photos have funny faces or bunny ears or something that makes you grit your teeth and bite your tongue when you are trying to capture what they actually look like. Well,
Laura gets the prize on this series is all I can say. These photos depict them as they actually are. And they also capture their funny personalities and loving relationship. Capturing the essence of the child is what sets a great portrait photographer apart from a good one.

They of course have their moments, as all siblings do
but for the most part these guys are best buddies.

I have a feeling that at this point Laura was
trying to cajole Spencer into getting animated.

What I can pretty much guarantee here is that
Ross said something that cracked him up.

I love these two pictures because they
are giving us the real McCoy smiles.

We love these cute grandboys with all of our hearts
and sure are going to be blue for a few days!

But we will see them in the summer so already have that to look forward to as we head west tomorrow around noon ET. And we are thanking God there is no snow in Providence or in Chicago predicted for tomorrow. So we are very grateful for this fun time we have had and that we are going home and getting back to normal...whatever that is....? It has been a great Christmas season and a wonderful vacation. New England is still in our top five places to visit. Try it, you'll love it.


Mandy said...

Those boys are so grown up!

Marie said...

Oh what beautiful boys they are Bonnie! I love the photos. You are right, Laura is so talented. She has caught the very essence of these two lads in a most beautiful way. Luck and Safety on your journey home Bonnie. Love and hugs. xxoo

Sister Susie said...

Love begets love! You have such wonderful grandsons whose love shows the love they have received! That kind of love you can't "hide!" It comes out, bursting forth in JOY!
Blessings to you and yours,

Caroline Craven said...

Is there anything you and Laura can't do? The photos are so cute and her home is amazing. I love the red hutch. My home is in such need of an update - ugh! I will be sending the soaps on Monday. How wonderful that you got to spend an entire month with Laura and her boys. That must have been a great relief to Robert knowing you were there with his family when he couldn't be.