Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Ones

Simply Stated...




Julia, Jen and Piper
I couldn't find one photo of Jen and me so here she
is with two of her four girls a couple years ago.


Sister Susie said...

I am so proud of you moms for the love you have that is a personal love. I have not been blessed to have my own children, but I do count the nearly 1,000 children I have taught over the years as such a blessing from the LORD. There have been some slips of the tongue from some of my students when they came up to me to ask a question saying, "Mom, I mean Miss Todd!" You could see the expression on their face as to, "Why did I say that?" I have always counted their "slip" as an expression the LORD gave to me to let me know these children appreciated my care for them. GOD is so Good all of the time!
Love to you and yours,

Marie said...

You have such a beautiful family Bonnie! Not hard to see why though, as you and Jim are A+ as well! I love my children as you do. They are my life's greatest treasures. xxoo

Sister Susie said...

Last time I'll bother you, Bonnie, promise! Will removing all of the 406 comments in my "spam box" correct the problem of me not being able to open the comment box on my blog? It's not "reporting,"
but removing the comments. Would that also remove all of the comments from my past blog posts?