Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook~January 11, 2012

Taking a Moment to Contemplate the Journey!

Just For Today...Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our lives pass swiftly by!
I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts.
That is what this daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One week at a time.

Outside my is bright, sunny and cool. Not cold. Yay! We could definitely use some rain but I can remember that last January was exactly like this. Almost like spring leap-frogged over winter. But, alas, in February she returned and through May, made up for lost time.

From the learning of the ways I learn is by listening and paying attention to the things that make me sit up and take notice. I call them print moments. Things that just stand out and resonate with my spirit on an everyday basis. This week I have had a bunch of them. The older I get the more I realize how important it is to surround yourself with people that lift and teach you and that you try to reciprocate to them and others. I think that when you get older your sensitivities to that sort of thing increase, while many other things appear to be on the decline. I feel that things that really matter, matter more to me now than ever before. These really can be your golden years if you take each day as it comes and without is probably the best of times.

I am reading...lots of things, but non-fiction for some time now. I need to get back to that because I find it relaxing and enriching but other things just seems more important to me right now.

From the kitchen...all stocked up and ready to commence the fully committed time to get healthier and stay that way. I hate the derailment of the holidays and compounding that with travel, I had been rather cavalier about WW the past many weeks. But today..tracking, measuring again, less sugar, more fruits and vegetables more protein, less carbs...and taking it one day at a time towards my goals. God has been merciful over these weeks...up only 2.2 which is way beyond a miracle. I'll have that off within days. Woohoo. On the Road again...Never Giving Up!

I am missing...blogging. I have been so irregular in my posting these past months, more so than ever before in my blogging history. I am so grateful for those of you that have remained with me as I have been passing through this time of trying to find more balance in my life. For those of you that comment even when you have not seen me on your blog reciprocating...I love you especially. Marie, Susan, Nellie, Caroline, Deanna, Becky you are all amazing friends.

I am hearing...Kenny Rankin singing Regrets. I do love and miss that wonderful man who died about two years ago. As a singer he was once tagged as a human instrument. His voice is amazing.

I am wearing...
Geesh, I cannot tell you at this moment. Pathetic...I quit right in the middle of getting dressed to tap out a few lines on this Daybook. I am decent of course but I would not want anyone ringing the doorbell right now.

I am quoting..."Love is not complicated. People are." So true.

Somethings that made me especially happy this past week...getting home and finding all well here. Feeling satisfied that we had had a wonderful visit with Laura and the boys even though we both miss them so much. Getting everything back in order in our home has been nice..dust bunnies captured, all the laundry and clothes back in their proper places, a month's worth of bird droppings cleaned off our cars (Thanks, James!) A month's worth of mail gone through, mostly tossed and bills all paid, only mildly disturbing thing was a jury duty notice for tomorrow. I don't mind doing my civic duty, in fact I want to...I just hate all the waiting around for the jury to be selected. Getting home to good friends and a routine...all pluses. It has been a good five days back in the saddle.

I am going...go for a walk today. Can't wait to get outside and breathe.

One of my guilty pleasures...creativity. I have to feel like I am creating something and although I love designing, I am not a crafty type person. If I glue it, sew, or "make it" I usually do not like it. But I am thrilled that I have my writing and photography and have found Pinterest to help me quickly and easily feel like I am creating and contributing something to the enjoyment of others while doing something I like to do too. Lately I have been creating these pins boards on certain colors. I really love them. They capture the beauty around us and I feel good when I work on them. I would love to know what you think of them if you are so inclined. You can find my pin boards here there is also a link on the sidebar of this blog towards the top that remains there all the time.

Pet Peeve...this may be revealing a little too much about myself but, we have these mesh type waste paper baskets we bought at Ikea years ago. They were cheapo and I have not liked them since day one...the can see the garbage in them when you walk by.
Unless I am emptying them a few times a day my rooms always look messy to me. I know, anal...sorry. I should just put myself out of my misery and get new ones!

One of my favorite things...
great hugs. We are huggers in this family and I enjoyed getting so many while on vacation. Did you know you need 7 hugs a day to be healthy? Those hugs among family and friends can convey so much. So affirming, which we all need, even if we don't acknowledge it. Increase your quota, enjoy your life more and bless and lift others too. What is not to love about hugging?

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Sherlock Holmes, getting ready to see the sequel.

I am curious about...How it is OK to be prejudiced toward Mitt Romney for his religion just because he is a Mormon. I can guarantee you with every fiber of my being that Mormons are, indeed, Christians. I am sick to death of the press calling the church, The Church of Latter-day Saints. It is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I wonder what this country would have done if this same nonsense was perpetrated towards Obama because he was black the last time around? How many demonstrations would that have engendered do ya think?

A decent and responsible person/voter will become educated about a candidate and what he/she has to offer before taking the lazy way out..prejudice toward them for their race or religion. This is not a slam on Mormons as much as it is just the same old stuff about the real problem...a country that does not want to see Christianity anywhere, especially in Washington. It is going to be an interesting year. I don't care who you vote for but I do hope you will be prayerful and "liberal" enough to consider the individuals and not the misinformation that will fly in your face all year. Prejudice is laziness. Go to the source...for your facts about Mormons

If I could change one thing it would be...
read the last answer!

A few plans for the rest of the week...walking, tracking, hair beautification this afternoon, catch up some more with people that matter to me, including you. Jury duty tomorrow, Friday hopefully meet with my friends in the morning and a day with no other appointments. Saturday a funeral service and then dinner and a musical with Jim and his mom. Oh and I forgot...genealogy....lots of studying in preparation for teaching at the Regional Center far sooner than I feel ready.

Some photos and thoughts I'm sharing this week...
Sometimes the opposition of having some of your best people far away is a blessing. Because every time you visit you have a truly special experience. Nothing that is precious and rare becomes ordinary. I find joy in that as I search for the silver lining in missing you and your places. These pictures bring tears of joy for all that we are blessed with...all the time. To me these places are sacred ground.


Laura's and Robert's neighborhood

Our beloved Tasso, Italy

The view I grew to love in New England this time from
the office where I occasionally wrote to you...
Places of beauty, memories and increased love for you,
our Father In Heaven and His goodness.

Love you, family and friends...Bonnie


Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE...I look across my "clean shaven" property as James mowed my back acreage with his tractor. Since the freeze, it had all turned brown but looked shabby! Now today's rain has turned it to a dark brown crewcut!
LEARNING...the more I place myself in GOD's WORD, the more the Holy Spirit leads His WORD to apply to everything in my life.
READING...Isaiah, Daily Bread, Charles Stanley, and a book Nellie gave me called, "Jesus Calling."
KITCHEN...I am really enjoying my Magic Bullet Jim/Nellie gave me for Christmas (especially the smoothies it makes!)
MISSING...You are so busy with all of the blogs you do for your friends, I understand! I just love reading yours, Nellie's, and Janet's!
HEARING...the tv in the background and Xena (my bullmastif) snoring!
WEARING...I was thinking about changing just so I could write something different, ha! I'm wearing my favorite long aqua nightgown with short sleeves (It is 9:18 p.m. so I guess this time I don't have to make excuses lol!)
QUOTING..."When we put our cares into GOD's hands, He puts His peace into our hearts." Daily Bread 2010 friend, Sylvia was able to come to my Bible study class and we went to lunch afterward! finally get my carpet removed and my laminate flooring to replace it (with some nice area rugs.)
GUILTY PLEASURE...eating too many home made fruit smoothies!!! You have any good recipes for some?
PET PEEVE...that others would take care when opening their car doors to not "slam" theirs into ours! quiet time of reading my Bible and prayer with my GOD.
MOVIE..."Message in a Bottle" (though it did have a sad ending. They should makes these movies with a duel ending!) Paul Newman was just as good as Kevin Cosner was. see America going by the wayside as all other civilizations have. It seems when each makes a peak, they come crashing down-all because of denial of our GOD. For heaven's sake, you can't even say "GOD bless you" anymore to someone who sneezes without them going ballistic! The Atheists are having their "hayday." What they don't realize, they do have a's one of denying DEITY!
CHANGE...that I could have our GOD hurry up His Coming!
PLANS...Hair done on Friday, cleaning out my 2011 files (shredding my 7 year files) on Saturday, behind the camera video taping my pastor's sermon on Sunday, then going to my friend's (Sekina) birthday party. I have nothing as yet planned for Mon-Tues.
My love to you and yours,

Marie said...

Bonnie, so great to have you back, finally BACK!! I have enjoyed every word of your Daybook. How is it we are already just about in the middle of January! It is mind boggling how quickly time passes. I cannot understand why Mitt Romney's religion is an issue at all, not any more than Obama's blackness. Surely the most important thing would be that they be the perfect man for the job??? I think Mitt is Perfect for the job. That he is also a Mormon is just the icing on the cake. Ok, I'll admit it, I am biased. lol I don't think Obama was the right man for the job. And that has nothing to do with him being black. I think it's wonderful that we are living in a time where a black man can be voted in as President. I think Colin Powell would have made a great President. Race or religious affiliation should not be issues at all. xxoo

Sister Susie said...

Just checking to see if I can still comment on your blog! I can't on Nellie's or even open the comment section on my blog. So, I did a new post and a whole new post box came up with newly added links you can use. I posted and it let me open my box! Yeah! I still can't open Nellie's. I guess I'll have to wait until she does another post for her blog to be upgraded.

Sister Susie said...

I hate to baother you again, Bonnie. I still can't open the comment box on my blog to read the comments. I have to go to new post and read the comments from that comment box. I think that is the box that has to do with "Spam" and deletion of responses. I have never deleted anything from that part of my blog. Is it possibly "overloaded" and that's why it keeps directing me to read my comments from there? I don't want to "remove all" just in case it removes all of the comments on my blog site. ?????