Saturday, June 9, 2012

Julia, The Business Woman

Julia is trying to create a business. She is going to do a great job! This is a fun way for her to be productive and creative during the summer. It is a way for her to build her self-esteem and makes a few bucks. The best part is what she will learn in the process.

Julia has always been very entrepreneurial. Even when she was little she wanted to have a day spa and do foot massage and provide pampering for others. She still engages in serving constantly. Her massages are amazing. Often she has me lie on the bed, she lowers the lights, gets out the lotion and puts some very relaxing music on and and does her reflexology to perfection. She is a very nurturing person. She'll make a wonderful wife and mother someday.

The other day we were all crowding into the office/library which has several chairs, one of which is a chair and a half so an adult and a child can sit together.  Hazie and I were sitting on it just hanging out.   I was thinking it would be nice to put my feet up so I asked Julia where the ottoman was. Her response was cute and funny. She said, "Gramma, I don't know have the faintest idea where it is."

I was kind of lost in the noise and confusion of the moment and wondering just how you lose an ottoman in a household? The next thing I knew she was on all fours in front of me.

She then said, "Go ahead...!"

 To which I replied, "What?"

 Smiling up at me with her stunningly gorgeous, big chocolate eyes, she said, "I am your ottoman!"

Now I love a person who is a servant but that was going beyond the mark...there is no way on the planet I was going to use my beautiful granddaughter's back as an ottoman! What a funny kid she is. Needless to say, I adore her.

So she is going to start a business this summer called "Julia's Cupcake Cart" and Grampa is going to be her venture capitalist. She has convinced him through her written business plan, that he has reviewed and approved, that her business will be a good investment for him.

She has made a really darling flyer and has selected a few families to pilot her marketing strategies on for Father's Day. She has calculated her costs and set her prices and is off now to the store to gather her ingredients and experience "overhead" for the first time in her life.

 I am almost positive this will not be the last time she does this. Julia has "business woman" written all over her. She is energetic, resourceful and has a desire to be productive. These are all things that make her a potentially successful entrepreneur. When you add in her humble, service-oriented heart you have the one characteristic that is essential to achievement in any industry that supplies goods and services to others.

This is thrilling from a grandparent's point of view because any child that is enthusiastic about learning how to work when they are young is one you will never have to worry about later.

So I'd say, "Break a Leg" Jewelzy, but since the very idea of that is something that we cannot possibly handle around here, I'll just say, "Good luck on this pursuit. I know you can do this!"

Here are her first batches of cupcakes for Father's Day!  Awesome!

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Sister Susie said...

Stepping stones to the career world!