Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rocky Mountains High

We left last Friday to come out here for Jen's surgery and Zach's Baptism and Owen's fifth birthday. The drive out was long, it is always longer than we remember it being in the past. But still it takes about six hours door to door to fly and costs more than twice as much and it is about the same ratio for time as well. Plus then we don't have a car when we arrive so we drive when we can.

The landscape looked particularly dry through Nevada and wasn't too beautiful. But we still do enjoy driving because we don't have the airport hassles and because we have alone time and that can be boisterous or quiet and we get to choose. At this age this seems to be a welcomed luxury and also rare.

I am trying to do this blog post with an iPad and a wireless, Bluetooth keyboard. Trying to decide on which new portable device I want to get. Will it be a Mac Air, a Mac Book Pro or an iPad with wireless keyboard? This is a test, it is only a test. Any ideas on which is better for blogging away from home?


Sister Susie said...

What were those electonic things you mentioned! Ha! I'm doing good to keep up with my computers upgrades, lol! I guess I'll be an older person sho gets lost in the dust when things change too quickly! Even my cell phone still has 5580 minutes I haven't used!!!
I hope what you use doesn't effect what I use, ha!
Love to you all, Susan