Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook~June 20/21, 2012

Just for today~Wednesday June 20, 2012
Our lives pass swiftly by! I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts about them.  
That is what this Daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One week at a time.

Outside my is 9:40 pm and the sun has not set yet.  It is the longest day of the year.  There is a beautiful pink and blue sunset going on and it is relaxing and quiet right now.

I am thankful for...the people I love and care for very much.   People that are thoughtful and kind and good.  People that serve others, that aren't selfish or self-involved but seem to be always giving of their time and talents.
From the learning room...So much today. I went to a family history and genealogy seminar today that took pretty much all of my brain power for all those hours.  I need to go to bed but am feeling that if I do I will be wide awake at 1:00 am.  It was one of the best seminars I have attended.  Loved it.

I am reading...the papers from today many presenters with fantastic hand-outs.  And lots of kid books for the grandies.

From the  Just haven't even thought much about that these days away from home.  Mostly because Jen was very prepared for us when we came and because many friends have brought dinners to us as she has been recovering.  So lots of gratitude and kitchen abandonment.  Oh yeah!

I am missing...home.  I am not good at being gone so much.  But of course we are happy to be here and help out but there truly is no place like home when all is said and done.

Some spiritual thoughts I have been having...if families were not forever just what would be the point of any of this?

I am hearing...nothing but the sounds of a summer night.  3 of the four girls are not here tonight and Lowell is gone so it is 1/2 as many in the house as usual. Wow, it is hard to fathom the difference.

One of my guilty pleasures...potato salad and watermelon both in season now so I think I'll make some potato salad when we get home which should be fairly soon.

Pet Peeves...wrinkles in my clothes and skin! 

I am go out to lunch with our son today.  Just the two of us, what a treat. 

One of my favorite new iPad.  Wonderful invention!  Paying Utah sales taxes on big ticket items. I think theirs is 6.25 and ours is 8.75.

I am quoting..."Do not regret getting older, it is a privilege denied to many."  Unknown

An enjoyable movie we have watched lately...I finished the Forsyte Saga series, I really enjoyed it.

I am curious about...when enough greed is enough for the Middle East and the oil companies and gas will get reasonable again.  Haha.  Is that a pipe dream or what?

If I could change one thing it would weight and fitness level. I am on it when we get back.  Enough is enough.  Never, Never, Never give up!

Plans for the rest of the week...Lunch with Chris today and then Ikea with Jen to get a new bed for Julia, tomorrow, Penny Lane and jewelry repair with Kim and Jen,  Saturday bonfire in the evening with family and friends, Sunday head home.  Monday get reacquainted with home.

Some photos I am sharing this week...

The trees give off the much needed oxygen in this place!

 The mini-waterfalls are so loud and and fabulous!

I know I posted this the other day but I love it that much!

The wildness of the river up here in the mountains!

Jewelzy just playing in the river!

Our family is just in love with Sundance.  It is so beautiful and peaceful and we can hardly wait to get up here to stay for four days in July.  We drove by the house we rent and it was even prettier than last year.  Such a treat!


Sister Susie said... has been raining and has cooled things off a bit and summer has just started.
THANKFUL...yes! I'm so thankful for the fellowship of Christian family and friends!
LEARNING...that things I don't want to do, can be fun!
READING..."Portraits of Eternity" by Herb Vander Lugt
Kitchen...Fish with macaroni and cheese.
MISSING...My Wednesday Ladies Bible Study group. It starts up again in September!
SPIRITUAL THOUGHTS...that GOD's Eternal family is forever!
HEARING...the tv in the background. (COPS)
GUILTY PLEASURE...homemade smoothies, especially strawberry!
PET not run out of paper towel in the kitchen!
GOING...nowhere this week except for church (where I love video taping with the camera!)
QUOTING..."As the hairs on our head, so our days are numbered." I'm glad they aren't combined! My hair is much thinner these days!
MOVIE...Men in Black 3
CURIOUS...why Obama would have an ad slandering Romney for a million dollar deficit in his state when Obama had a 13 trillion dollar deficit! Isn't this the "Judge not lest ye be judged" rule!
CHANGE...that all people could get along, but I think that's called Heaven!, relax, relax, relax...
Love to you and yours, Susan