Thursday, June 14, 2012

Peace Like The River

So much fun and so peaceful!

There is this beautiful river near where Jen and Lowell live. We came out here today and it is the perfect day. I love it here. Someday they hope to build a home right near the banks.

 The short path to the river bank

 Right now it is 82 degrees in the shade and perfect. You can hear the babbling of the river, the sounds of children's laughter and the birds are chirping and two monarch butterflies just fluttered by. I can barely remember the last time that I saw a butterfly.

This is the vision of summer that we long for in winter. It's one of those moments we always think we will enjoy in the summer and some years we never quite achieve it with all our busyness. It is relaxing and casual and for me the ultimate; an inspiring place to write.

The tranquility of nature, the joy of family and grandkids and the astonishing capability of electronics brings me to my epicenter out here with my new iPad. It seems so little and non-intrusive and gives my many thoughts a voice. I love it.  Jim likes to keep track of all the places in the world he has run, or ridden his bike or camped out, for me it is the inspiring places I have written. 

Grampa, Owen, Zachary, Chloe, Piper, Julia and Aynslee
The big kid with all the kids!

 The Provo River is really great for kids when it has been a relatively dry winter and the water isn't rushing with a fury from the snow runoff. This year it is shallow and fun for the kids to wade in without too much danger even for the little ones. Of course they are being supervised by the biggest kid of all. The nice part about where we are is it is not far at all from the cars so we could cart all the picnic stuff quite comfortably without a major hike. We have all of Jen's girls and three of Chris and Missy's kids. Missy is enjoying a much needed break as Chris and Connor are at scout camp this week.

Owie in his fishing/exploring hat! 
 This is so fun being able
     to bring him out with us. 
 He is really growing up at five!
           He looks like Henry Fonda in
"On Golden Pond!"

Hazie loves sitting on the stump
 and her big cousin Zachary!

Jewelzy and Aynslee goofing around!

 Zachary and Chloe had quite a bit of fun making 
warts out of a tiny bag of pastel marshmallows that made
 its way into the picnic basket.

 Don't we all wish we could be this cute 
with marshmallow warts all over our faces?

 So the kids have been playing in the water, we had a nice picnic and they have been enjoying swinging in a large tree swing some very nice person had attached to a giant tree. The kids love this swing, especially when they are pushed as high as possible. There is something so refreshing about the sights and sounds of all of God's creations in nature. Nobody does green like He does. It just cannot be duplicated by man no matter how much effort is put into it.

Hazie swinging on the big swing. 
 She makes it look tiny but it wasn't. 
 It could fly so high in the sky.

Spider Swinging
for these girl cousins and good friends.

What a lovely morning and afternoon, one in which you can truly immerse yourself in being alive. Sometimes I really dislike busyness immensely. We just miss so much.  In my older years I am trying to live differently whenever possible. I am all for letting the rushing be in the river, while I enjoy the beauty with my eyes wide open. I feel like I just need to soak life all up like a sponge and be acutely aware of what is all around me.

Do you ever have these feelings? I wonder if it is just a manifestation of aging and/or extreme gratitude? Which ever, I like the way it is changing my life. It is never too late to learn to be and not just do.


Jen Stewart said...

This was a truley lovely day. I can't get enough of Provo River! It's so peaceful.