Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook~June 12, 2012

Just for today~Tuesday June 12, 2012
Our lives pass swiftly by! I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts about them.  
That is what this Daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One week at a time.

Outside my window...It is an overcast morning in the valley looking out toward the lake.  The breeze is gently blowing but it does not fool me into thinking it might be cool this afternoon.  Nope, it is gonna be hot here today.  It is nice not to be cold.  I like summer!

I am thankful for...Jennifer's fairly good recovery from her surgery.  There are still few little hiccups but time will take care of all of it and then she'll be all set.
From the learning room...Nothing ever stays the same when you think you have something licked...new challenges arise.  Earth life is meant to be this way, it is how we are refined and how we grow.  I don't always love this process but know it is essential.  Without changes we don't meet our full potential.

I am reading..."Look Kids, It's Big Ben"  A book I wrote after our three week trip to Europe in 1995.  It is fun to go back and have the words paint the memories that would otherwise be forgotten by now.  

From the kitchen...Grampa has been cooking up a storm and doing a fantastic job.  He just loves this...lucky me!  Every morning he makes some fantastic breakfast for all 8 of us.  Today it was an Italian omelet so delicious.

I am missing...Lots of sweet friends.  I wish we all could just live in the same place.  It is funny that even when I do not live by someone when they are gone from their home I miss them more.  I don't miss Robert as much now that he is in RI even though I cannot see him.  There is something about just being able to envision someone you love in their home that is comforting.

Some spiritual thoughts I have been having...just constantly getting affirmations that the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives one a definite advantage in all we do.  It just brings so much protection and peace and happiness.  I cannot think of life without it.  Unbearable is the word that comes to my mind.

I am hearing...the chattering and goings-on of a house with 8 people in it.  Constant motion, commotion, emotion...it is alive here, 24/7.  Just the way it should be, that is what I am hearing.

One of my guilty pleasures...electronics.  This really surprises me when I think about it but I love electronics.  I watched the World Wide Developers gather for the keynote speech of the new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook and the unveiling of the new products and found it very exciting.  It was really neat because I watched it with Lowell and so if there were things I didn't understand he would just pause the presentation and explain it.  Very enjoyable.

Pet Peeves...People that tamper with consumer products so that they have to package things in ways that make it impossible to open them without implements of destruction in your hands.  Annoying!  Ever tried to get a toy out of a box or pop a pill out of a foil and hard plastic container?  Then you know what I am talking about. 

I am going...to possibly get a haircut today.  Jen has a hair stylist that comes to her house.  Love it.  My hair is so straight here in the desert that it is giving me fits.  At home it would be fine.  But not here. 

One of my favorite things...Robert is home from Afghanistan for two whole weeks.  We are thrilled.  Their little family is reunited!

I am quoting...Hazie.  "Mamma, can you tell Jim-Bob I need him?"   She is talking about her Grampa and heard someone else call him that. Too funny.  He acquired this nickname from me about the time the Walton's peeked in popularity and they would all say good-night to each other in the dark at the end of the shows.  His name is actually James Philip.

An enjoyable movie we have watched lately...I am currently watching "The Forsyte Saga" on my new iPad each evening before bed.  Love it so far.  I really enjoy the British treatment of the 19 century in the media.  It is really well done and enjoyable.

I am curious about...All the details to be learned with my new iPad3 and what the learning curve will be.  It is so similar to the iMac and iPhone but each has their own little nuances that require a bit of experimentation and studying to get it down.

If I could change one thing it would be...that people would just quietly live and let live without constantly having to justify their choices by putting others down.  Of course everyone is going to have differing opinions and that is our God-given right, but to have to be boisterous, rude and offensive in declaring one's own opinion just rubs me the wrong way.  Ultimately we will all have to live with the consequences of our own choices. Perhaps it just boils down to The Golden Rule.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

 Sometimes when I see people being so rude and unkind I hope they are not living the Golden Rule because I cannot imagine that people would actually desire to be treated in the way they are acting at that moment.  What I am saying is neither liberal or conservation, it is humanitarian.  People just need to regain some civility.

Plans for the rest of the week...it is very odd but everyday is just full of its own little surprises. As Jen recovers we are gradually adding in a few things.  One thing Jim and I want to do is cook ahead and freeze things for our family reunion up here at the end of July.  I also want to spend some one on one time with Chris next week and I want to go to the BYU Genealogical Library.  There is also a training center here for Family History Consults and Genealogy I am told, and I would like to find it and visit it next week.  There is also a sweet elderly friend I want to visit if she is up to it, and maybe a little shopping but not for much.  Friday is our 44 wedding anniversary so we will be going out to a play, movie, concert or something and dinner.  That should be fun.  Other than that it is baby time for us.  Just hanging out with the grandkids and enjoying them.

Some photos I am sharing this week...Sometimes it is just so wonderful to have girls' time out just away from the house and little kids and all the rest of the responsibilities.  Over the last almost two weeks I have been able to do this with Piper and Julia at the Trolley.  We had a great time.

Yesterday Jen and I got to leave for a couple of hours so we just went up to Sundance and had lunch.  It was so gorgeous up there.  We ate in The Foundry Grill.  It is pretty western looking, think Robert Redford and at the same time quite elegant.

The view from all  the windows...drop dead gorgeous!

The flowers all around in the whiskey barrels caught my eye.  Especially the pansies.  I do adore those little beauties.  My Dad loved them too and use to plant them in our yard when I was growing up.  

 We had dainty little salads with shrimp so we could try these lovely lemon parfaits.  Very light and refreshing on a warm day.  Everything was lovely except how fast the time flew by.  Especially great was being able to finish a thought without interruptions.  Love me some Mommy/Daughter time.

So beautiful and such lovely memories!


Sister Susie said...

Whoops! I don't know how I missed this posting. I'll have to answer is as of today!
OUTSIDE...it is mid-day and very hot. A little steamy too since a shower just passed!
THANKFUL...that I can help out Nellie with her posts until she can get her computer going again!
LEARNING ROOM...I can't do the things I used to do! It's nothing like pulling a groin muscle! It's much better now. I hope it will be when this weekend comes. I'm going to Bush Gardens Zoo!
READING..."Hope" by different Christian writers.
KITCHEN...made some Beef Stroganoff. It is really good the next day!
MISSING...the cooler days!
SPIRITUAL...I can't believe life without Him either! If those who don't know Him only knew! It's not just salvation for your soul, but our GOD opens up the joys to us this world cannot understand.
HEARING...evidence that is proving George Zimmerman was in the right to protect his life from Trayvon using the concrete as a weapon to pound his head upon.
GUILTY PLEASURE...sweets of any kind! I've gone without for some time and my craving is going crazy!
PET PEEVE...when the news media tells half truths to make a point when the whole truth would dispute it!
GOING...to Bush Garden's Zoo this weekend.
FAVORITE...When good wins over evil!
QOUTING..my macaw Max. He heard me in the kitchen rattling through a chips bag and yelled out, "GET OUT OF THAT!" Ha!
MOVIE...Singing in the Rain
CURIOUS...at what you have to know to even use one!!!
CHANGE...people that go along with the law as long as it benefits them, but when its doesn't, they want to have it changed! (The "Stand Your Ground" Law.)
PLANS...Bush Gardens, raising my 2 kittens, what a handful, ha! Their like kids...into everything. I guess that's where Max picked up the phrase, "Get out of that!" LOL!
Love to you and yours, Susan