Friday, July 19, 2013

Exploring the Exploratorium

Wednesday was the Exploratorium Day for the kids.  The late night at the game the night before precluded getting an early start so they left here about 10:30 am and picked up Grandma Gloria, Jim's Mom. The first stop was Treasure Island!  We always love taking photos from here as you may know.

Owen, Connor Aynslee and Zach

By the time they arrived in San Francisco it was time for lunch so they planned a stop at our favorite Pizzeria.  Pasquale's on 8th and Irving.

Four generations of Pasquale's Pizza lovers!

They brought me a doggie box!
"This is for you, Gramma!  Ah, thanks Zachary!"

After lunch they made their way to the Exploratorium and stayed until everyone was done.  They got home just before 8:30 that night and I had chili waiting for them as a late dinner.  Not exactly a summer meal but I had to cook with what I had as they had both vans with them.  They didn't seem to mind at all.  So they were in the Exploratorium about 7 hours or so.

The Exploratorium is a very unique Hands-On Science Museum created 40 years ago by Frank Oppenheimer.  They just recently moved to a new location on the Emarcadero, in the City.   It is a very unique place and the short video below explains their mission and a little more about it.  This is a great learning experience for all ages.  It exemplifies what I always say when I teach genealogy. " If you want to learn you have to put your hands on it!"

 The Exploratorium use to be located here.

The Palace of Fine Arts 
in an adjoining building.

I use to love it here because if I decided I'd had enough I could go outside and enjoy this and the lake and big beautiful shade trees and read a book or something.  But the building was old and there was a hassle finding parking here.  So off they went to here:

It is inside Pier 15

Guess which venue I like better?  Yep, The Palace.  However, this venue is so much nicer inside. And from the back you can sit out and look at the Bay. So it is progress, right?  Here are a few shots from their website.

Obviously a good decision has been made

The kids really loved this day.  Owen could not stop talking about it that night.  He just thought it was such a fun place.  They had so much stamina through out the whole week!

Outside Sign on a windy day!

Aynslee on Man Vs Machine...Guess Who Wins?

The New Zachary-Doodle

Zach Building The Roman Arch~It Worked!

20 Questions Game with Mom and Dad

More Questions~Owen Testing His Big Brother, Connor
 while Zach looks on

Grampa and Aynslee sit in a chair 2x bigger
 than the chair to their left.  This is to check our
Perspective on scale.  Visually it is often off!

Optical Illusion

Connor and Owen having fun 
while Grandma Gloria looks on.
  Oh I am so glad she does not have a computer!  
I'd be in the dog house 
with my doggie box from Pasquale's!

Well, as I said the enthusiasm from Owen and all the other kids was pretty telling.  They loved their day at the Exploratorium~Mission Accomplished.  They dropped into their tent and were fast asleep pretty quickly.  As you may have figured out by now, we do whirlwind vacations...running all the time in our family.  So the next day...up at the crack of dawn for the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  It is Next Up on the blog so come on back!


Marie said...

hehehe, I am laughing at Grammy. What a little surprise. I would not have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it! What a fun time your grandchildren are having! I'd love to share that doggie box with you! Pizza is my fav thing!

Sister Susie Says said...

What a joyful filled day! It's almost like you need to have a separate vacation for each place in order to take it all in!

The video reminded me when we used to take our Kindergartners to Daytona Beach's Public Library that had a room of discovery like your video. They always had so much fun!

There's nothing more soothing than sitting in a quiet place with such a beautiful view like the Palace of Fine Arts.

Fun, fun, fun! Susan