Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Am My Own Grandpa

Meet my Birthday Twin, Ross.
Gramma and Ross a few years ago on our birthdays.

This is our Grandson, Ross.  He is 11 years old today.  I was that plus the old speed limit 55 yesterday.  He has been a special boy to me since the minute I witnessed his birth. Well actually probably longer than that.  I have always told him we are birthday twins and he is the best birthday present I have ever gotten. In four more years he'll be 15 and getting his driver's permit and I can claim the number in the middle as my own.

Not wanting to speed that up any...
but I would like to take my time
 and land up there in one piece,
with as little work in the body shop
 as possible between now and then.

My own birthday was very full with wonderful things and people yesterday and working, so Ross and I were having trouble connecting so he could wish me a happy birthday.  He wanted to call me at 6:00 am but Laura didn't think that was a good idea.   3:00 am our time! So we finally got to talk at length today.   So fast forward to this afternoon when I was sending out some thanks to friends that sent good wishes yesterday.  One of them was Ross' Aunt Debbie, his Dad's sister.

I was saying to Debbie that we recently learned that our family and theirs are descendants for the same ancestor, Stephen Hopkins.  So I was saying isn't that funny..Laura and Robert are cousins, 14 generations removed.  Hee hee.   And then I had the funniest thought come into my head. 

 Oh my gosh, not only that but I am the cousin of our grandsons, Spencer and Ross!  So I just had to call Ross back and tell him that not only are we birthday twins and grandson and grandmother but we are also cousins! 

 Loooooong pause...

"So what you are saying then Gramma is that, I'm your grandson and your birthday twin, AND your cousin?"

"Yep and your Dad is my son-in law and my cousin, your Grandpa Bryant is your grandpa and your cousin and he is your mother's father-in-law and her cousin and your brother's cousin and grandfather.  And your Grandpa Bryant is my cousin.

Dead air as he ponders and I can see that brain of his in motion......... 
"That is really cool Gramma but you forgot one?

"Really, what?"

I can hear him smiling through the phone....

"We are all brothers and sisters!  We have the same Heavenly Father!"

Hmm, I hate it when they are smarter than me, that was supposed to be my line! 

Then he said, " I only have one thing to say about all this.....this marriage between my parents was definitely meant to be!"


It has been a delightful couple of days.  I don't regret getting older even a little bit!  It is a blessing!

And if you are still here, the best song of all below if you didn't see it on Facebook yesterday!


Marie said...

Sounds as if you had a fabulous birthday Bonnie! How wonderful. I love all that you share about your family. I am not sure how Ross managed to understand all of that because I can't, but I love his statement that we are all Brothers and Sisters! The Gospel is such a simple thing. I am glad that YOU and I are also sisters! Oh, and what a delightful birthday greeting from wee little Hazel! (I do love that name, I do, I do!) xxoo

Sister Susie Says said...

What a happy post! If we all go back far enough, we'll find we are all related! LOL!

laura.elizabeth said...

Hilarious! I love it! I can see that the whole thing would bef mind boggling to him! It is to me too! That song is funny, it a scary sort of way! I am sure it is next on the list to be memorized!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
and Happy Belated Birthday to you.
and Ross..............loved Hazie
singing Happy Birthday to you, so adorable.........and heart felt.

Yea, Ross is one smart lil guy, he
simplified it well, If we belong to the Lord we are all sisters and brothers in Christ. Sure makes it easier to understand...............

Hope you all had a nice 4th of July. Ours was very quiet yet fun,
just the 2 of us, and we wound up
going out Outback Steakhouse for right in since they weren't very busy. Which was really nice, and very unusual and the food was great as always.
Heard lots of fireworks and saw lots of smoke but only 1 firwork display. lol
Course, at our age we have seen plenty of fireworks so no big deal

Love and Blessings hon,