Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Taking Stock In What I Believe

We have just passed the year's midpoint recently and I thought I'd take a look at this post in review.  I still believe that we choose our own story.  It is our perception that shapes us as much or more than the reality of our circumstances. 

Have you noticed that in years past people have picked one word to focus on through the new year?  I have never done it but think it is an inspiring idea.  I have thought about what word would be a good motivator for me and have chosen the word BELIEVE for 2013. 

I have learned in my life that what I believe is exactly what sets the tone of just about everything.  It is our perspective on everything about ourselves, God, our surroundings, people, principles and concepts and the state of the world that influences all we do.  The real deal is that whether something is true or false almost has less significance than if you believe it does.  What you think and believe is your reality.  What a wonderful and powerful gift of agency the Lord has provided us with in this life.  We get to choose how we see everything around us, everything we experience and everything we think.  When you ponder this it is beyond amazing.

So I thought I'd just look at all of the things I said at the beginning of this bright new year and see how I am holding up with my special word this year now that it is nearly August.  I'll just take them point by point.

Here are some things I am going to
on believing in this year.
I believe that God is all powerful and 
that what he says is true. 
  He tells me "I can do all things through
 Christ that strengtheneth me." 
 I truly believe that. 
If he believes I am lovable and capable so I must
 also believe it even when I do not feel it sometimes. 

This is a good one.  I have had some struggles with this this year but I have made progress because I do believe in these words even when they do not seem self-evident.  I try to remember that I am lovable and capable in God's eyes and that helps me move forward when I feel like giving up on something difficult to learn or overcome.

He tells me we are all brothers and sisters 
and to love everyone 
even those who despitefully use and persecute me.
  I believe it, I will.

Again, this area in my life has been tested this year.  I have tried to remember that when something or someone has hurt me it was probably unintentional, an oversight on their part or a misunderstanding.  They struggle just like I do, so I try to believe in their inherent goodness in spite of what may have happened.  Most of the time people are too busy with their own lives and concerns to willfully try to offend me.  I believe that.  I know I would never hurt another person intentionally and I like to believe that of others.
I believe people are basically good because they are 
children of God. 
Really believing that make me happier
and restores my faith in humanity. 

When we traveled extensively on the east coast this summer I saw that throughout the states we visited there are truly good people.  I try not to let the media and their thirst for capturing our attention make me think ill of most people for I know that it takes only a few bad apples to make a lot of us look bad.  We did not encounter a single bad person on our adventures.  I believe in this principle from our personal experiences.
I believe in guardian angels and that they
 watch over me and all people that I love.
  That helps me worry less.

This year we have prayed daily for protection for our family, our friends and ourselves. We have thanked the Lord for that protection and never taken it for granted.  He has protected us in our travels and helped us every step of the way.  When things did happen like Spencer breaking his leg we were grateful for medical attention that helped him heal.  We always know it could have been worse.  When bad things happened to others (or to us) we felt the comfort and peace that comes to those who believe. 

When our young friends lost their infant in death at 4 day old we realized that prayers are not always answered as we wish but are left to an all knowing wise Father in Heaven.  The love we have gained for their little family because of their great example of faith to all has lifted many many people to rethink how we deal with our trials in this life.  To bring Max home was the merciful thing for a loving Father to do.

I believe we are all his children and
 his watchful eye is on us always.

I believe in prayer and the comfort it brings
 and the answers, 
oh yes, the answers.  I believe in them.

These thoughts have helped me a lot this year.

I believe that everything that God places before me 
I can handle.
He knows how to mold me as his 
own child for my best good.

I believe there is a purpose left in my life and that
 God will teach me what I need to know to accomplish it.
I believe in the wisdom of other people 
and don't need to experience
 everything on my own.
  I can learn from their triumphs and failings.

I believe I know what that purpose is now for sure.
And  he is helping me fulfill it. 
 Two of the greatest days in your life are the day you were born
 and the day you understood why. 
 I believe that more now than I did in January.

I believe in every word that Christ teaches 
and I believe he is the only way.
The evidence of this is everywhere!
I believe in being guided by the Spirit 
and listening to His counsel. 

This has remained my strong testimony all year, 
never wavering and I am grateful for it..
I believe in love and that love changes everything.
Love for God, others and myself.

Only when I can truly love can I be my happiest.

I believe I can improve and progress and 
become all God and I expect of me.

I do struggle with this but I also do believe it.
When I am overwhelmed with the tasks ahead of me
 I try to take a breather, slow down and focus.
It helps so much to know it is possible
 to make this belief a reality someday.
God isn't finished me yet and neither am I.

I believe in family and it being forever
 and that that is enough to bring the joy and everything 
else into its proper perspective.

I am very firmly planted in this belief.  With all of our quirks and shortcomings and the mistakes we all make we belong to one another.  We love each other with all of our hearts and we will go on through all eternity because of our Savior and His promises for those who love and follow Him.

I believe in goodness and forgiving.

It is the only way!
I believe in God's Will.
I believe in you.  I believe in me.

With all my heart!

I believe we choose our own degree of happiness.


What is your word of inspiration for 2013?

This is what I believe!