Monday, July 22, 2013

The Best Day In Santa Cruz!

Some things just never change!  Whether it is Coney Island or Lagoon or The Santa Cruz Boardwalk, The State Fair or Five Flags, there is fun in the air.  So many people love that playful carnival atmosphere and the carefree days spent there.  They love the arcades, the sea air, the sand, the deep fried foods and the rides.  All of it speaks of summer, relaxation and the smell of sunscreen and wet bathing suits. 

Oh how I use to love the State Fair when I was young.  One of the perks of living in Sacramento was having the State Fair so close.  We all looked forward to it for months and went almost every night that someone's parents would give us a lift down there.  The lights, the rides, the could anyone ever forget that from when they were a kid?  It was two weeks of teen heaven. And all the carni games where cute boys would win teddy bears for girls.  I had one on my bed for years, long after we moved west.  It was about 30 inches tall and lavender and white.  I have no clue who won it for me, but I haven't forgotten that bear!

Aren't they the cutest?
Moms can say that, right?

Guess who is the biggest kid here?
Yep, Grampa!

The way it's done...
after you look around a bit and see what's there
you start out slow on the Merry-Go- Round!

An ariel view is always nice to get the lay of the land

Zach and Connor in front
Grampa and Aynslee behind them

The build up...taking it really slow
during the acclimation period
as the tension builds..

The Leals happened to be in Santa Cruz
 so perfect....they met up at the Boardwalk.
Andy and Chris have been friends 
since they were little.
 It was a great opportunity for their kids 
to be together and for them to catch up!

Bethy, John, Sarah, Willsey, and Aron Row 1
Connor, Owen, Andy  Row 2
Missy, Zach, Aynslee  Row 3
Grampa, Christopher  and Camera Row 4

Ah, the fried stuff.  
Can't you smell the rancid recycled grease? 
 I thought Twinkies were gone from the earth
 but apparently not!
  But then they do have an extraordinary 
shelf life, right?

This looks like what Connor ordered
 if I were guessing!

It I had been there I'd have gotten Cotton Candy!
I like its magic disappearing act!

It is time to get into the serious rides!

Owen looking a little pensive as he waits!

I do not know what this ride is called but I call if the Free Fall.  You get strapped into this contraption.  When everyone is secure and apparently barefoot you shoot straight up in the air at a high speed.  You are up there just long enough to look around a little and then it free falls straight to the ground leaving your tummy in mid air.   It stops right before they have to scrape you off the pavement.  (How is this fun...remind me?)

Oh I know you scream all the way down unless you 
are trying to keep a fried Twinkie down, Con!
Just kidding, Connor, I know this came before the treat
but it sure does look like you might be doing that!

This one is called the Pirate Ship.  
It reminds me of what they use to call 
the Hammer in the old days.

Grampa looks scared here but 
I know he'd say he was faking it!

The ultimate goal has been attained here!
Little Sarah is completely terrorized!
Making her realized that she wants to remain tiny forever
So Daddy can protect her (and keep her home longer!)
Good job, Andy!
Aron is smiling but Will is just not too sure about this thing!


The old Rickety Wooden Roller Coaster
(Hopefully Retrofitted)

Some things do change after all. 
I use to love this thing when I was a kid.
Now I'd rather not even watch people I love riding it.

It is just wonderful to see your kids and grandkids
 enjoying the fullness of their lives.  

I always say about kids...they are double jeopardy and they double your pleasure and your fun too.  They double your sorrows when they are struggling or sick or hurting, but when they are happy and enjoying their lives and on top of the world,  they double your joy as well.  And my real super joy is in knowing how much fun Grampa had right along with them. And for me my great happiness came in having them here, in enjoying them tell me about everything and in writing these memories down for them.

It reminded me of decorating in far away lands like Canada or Italy or Utah or Moraga via the Internet and some photos like I have often done and still do.  It is not quite like being there but it gets the job done nicely.  The pictures might be a little out of sequence but hopefully it will be fun reminder of the day for them.

They were all so sweet and supportive towards me and I don't feel like I missed out on a thing.  By the end of the week I was feeling almost back to normal.   Taking it easy was the right choice for all concerned.  I didn't have to be stressed about keeping up when I was not feeling well and they were not burdened by curtailing any plans because of me.  Win/win.

Their last day here we relaxed and they packed up and we played and had a nice BBQ with a few friends that Chris wanted to talk with and Jim's mom.  It was a warm summer night and things were good.  So good.  We sure hope they had fun and will come back again soon!

We love them all and are so proud of their little family! All the hard work you have done to make it so is obvious, Chris and Melissa!  Woohoo!


Sister Susie Says said...

I just barely remember the Boardwalk when we lived in Virginia Beach. I was 7. I still have a porcelain border collie dog I won at one of the games!

I remember the roller coaster, but not going on it.

I remember the fairs that came every year when I lived in the Florida Keys. The rides were so much fun!

I didn't get into the great roller coasters and water slides until we moved to Central Florida and visited the Theme Parks. My favorite is Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney.

What a great time you had with your family. Such wonderful memory makers for all! Love to you all, Susan.