Thursday, July 11, 2013

Watching for the Miracles

I believe that one of the ways to increase our faith is to watch for the miracles in our life.  I also think it is one of the best ways to teach our children and grandchildren about faith.  Their prayers and then the miracles that follow need to be pointed out to them so they realize there are no coincidences where miracles are concerned.  Our Heavenly Father and Savior love us individually and are actively present in our lives.

Miracles happen everyday and often they go unnoticed without the proper amount of gratitude attached to them.  Today I woke up feeling positively wonderfully well!  That is a miracle and I am thankful for it.  Since the week after we got home from our nearly five week long trip to the east coast I have been having some health issues involving a medication I had been taking for a couple of decades.  Out of the blue I had an allergic reaction that was pretty scary with quite a bit of facial swelling going into my throat.  The doctors were confounded by it.  The first miracle was I have a new doctor and she is amazing.  When she was at a loss for what to do as my condition worsened, she consulted a regional allergist.  Her ego did not get in the way of my treatment.  Miracle!

The b/p medication I had been taking was a compound drug and the allergist looked at my chart over the internet and knew immediately I should stop taking that drug after all those years, as allergies can develop at anytime with one of the drugs in it.  Another miracle, someone from several cities away could help me quickly, as each day the situation was worsening and my airway was in danger.  The very next day after I stopped it I saw a huge improvement.  Another miracle.  Time was of the essence at that point.

 Four days later not a trace of the facial/neck swelling remained.  Miracle!  My doctor has put me on a different medication.  I noticed a few days later that I was getting a lot of lower extremity swelling from water retention.

 Long story short the new medication was not working for me.  When I went in my b/p had skyrocketed  to dangerous levels.  It is a miracle that I went in.  Since I have had this new doctor I have been to the doctor more than I have been in years.  She knew exactly what I needed and for two days I have been on some very strong meds. Guess what?  Miracle!

Today I woke up and felt phenomenal for the first time in a long time.  Sometimes you don't know how badly you were feeling until it is over.  B/p is 128/78 this morning.  My head is clear, my vision is crystal clear, headache is gone and swelling in my legs and feet is almost gone and I lost several pounds of water.  Miracle!!   This has not been a pleasant experience but it has nonetheless been a miracle.  I have thought of many aspects of the silver lining in this cloud.

Who knows how long this has been brewing having taken this medication for over 20 years.  The fact that this did not happen on our vacation...simply a miracle!  I cannot tell you how thankful we are to have not had to look for help and hang out in a hotel for days.

The fact that it happened right now when we are home and not traveling was perfect.  I am leaving in a few weeks to go to an important Conference I have been looking forward to for the entire year.  By then I will feel confident that all is under control.  Tender mercy and a miracle.

When you have an experience like this one you begin to appreciate the things you take for granted.  Like medication that helps you, something as simple as having the b/p machine at home and being able to monitor your progress without having to run to the doctor everyday.  No headache.  No swelling.  No fatigue.  Enthusiasm for the new day.  Miracle!   These are all the things that are absent when you are sick and they become all the sweeter when you are well.  That is an amazing blessing.

If we never had the trials how could we appreciate the absence of them?  Our trials help us to know and to see that we are not alone, the Lord is by our side.  We have tremendous support from Him, our families and our friends.  That is a miracle worth noting and praising God for all the time.

I apologize for talking health issues (so like an old person) but I thought it was a good example of how the Lord works in our lives, in miracles in the big and small things all the time.  Each and every single time something like this happens we need to sort it out and realize everyday miracles get us through this life one day at a time.  If we think we are somehow in charge or that these things are a coincidence, we are only kidding ourselves and robbing ourselves of the great joy of our faith in a Father that loves us and cares for each of us. 

I am thankful that I feel better than I have in so long I cannot remember and that I know where that healing and energy and renewal comes from.  I am not feeling old, I just wasn't feeling well over a long time.   66 is not young but it is not old either!  (My new paradigm)  Another Miracle!  So I feel new hope for more health in my future.  That is the biggest miracle of all.

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Celebrating my miracles today with you my friends, thanksgiving and some beautiful flowers created by God~Major Miracles in and of themselves.

Love to you all....Bonnie


Sister Susie Says said...

Every breath is a miracle from our GOD! Thank you for the beautiful pictures to remind me of all of the miracles of our LORD's gorgeous creation! The Lord's blessings on you and yours, Susan