Monday, April 21, 2008

ABCs Survey

attached or single: Attached for 44 years to Jim-Bob. Awesome guy!
B-best friends: Jim, My kids, My Mom, My Group, Lee, Barb, Cathy
C-cake or pie: Pie! Cherry

D-day of choice: Wake up feeling rested, spend time with the family, shop with my girls, Lunch or dinner out, movie or play or concert at night. SF with interruptions..nobody wanting our time or energy for a few hours in a row. Being with the grandkids....ahhh!
E-essential items: healthy life style (working on it) computer, shower, hair appliances, Car with A/C, cell phone, $ in my pocket, bracelets, great stuff for the house, DVD & music library, plane ticket to the kids.

F-favorite color: I love color..hard to pick a favorite. Right now it is pumpkin.
G-gummy bears or worms: cola bottles
H-hometown: Born Sacramento~Consider home~ Concord, CA
I-indulgences: Movies, jewelry, clothes, home decor...whoa too many!
J-January or July: July except for the hot weather
K-kids: Jen-36, Chris-33, Laura-30...and we are done!
L-life would be incomplete without: Gospel of Jesus Christ & family, great friends, blogging. beauties of God's earth, serving others, music, options.
M-Marriage date: June 15, 1968

N-number of siblings: 2 little brothers

Gary & Steve
O-oranges or apples: Oranges
P-phobia or fears: Not ever living near our kids again, poverty, health concerns, old age
Q-quotes: "Never abandon a generous thought" Camilla Kimball
R- reason to smile: All my blessings, family, good memories, lots to look forward to, love in my life.
S-season: I love the Fall--really there isn't one thing about it that I don't love: weather, leaves, pumpkins, and Christmas is coming!
T-tag 6:'re it!
U-unknown fact about me: I wish I knew??
V-vegetarian or oppressor of animals: Carnivore!
W-white or wheat: Both but if white, sour dough preferably.

X-x-ray vision, invisibility or flying as a super power: invisibility
Y-Your favorite food: my mom's potato salad, Chinese, Mexican
Z-zodiac sign: Cancer~A big crab!