Friday, April 11, 2008

Dots and Dashes

Jim and I are having a problem...he is a dash and I am dot. Jim is a person who is always on to the next activity with barely a blink in between...he is a dasher. I am a person who likes a little breather between activities to process and recuperate...I am a dot. A period. He is not even a comma. He has dashed off to tour Napoli this morning and I am having a hard time even thinking about jumping in the shower.

What to do?


Laura said...

I am definately a dash, and my husband is a dot. On weekends, I just want to run from activity to activity and get out, he just wants to chill. I guess that's why we are couples, to balance each other out.

The Christensons said...

relax and enjoy what ever you want to do. i'm a dash, jake's a dot, you have to tell him a week in advance what's going to happen and if dont let him know he's a little flustered. well ofcourse, unless it's his idea and then i can go on a whim! balance- just like laura said.