Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anchorman~Connor George Mattson

This has to rank up there with the 10 cutest things I have ever seen. Taking just a slight break from Italy~Connor does his first TV spot on News Kids. Once the site comes up~click on Pet of the Week. I think those of you who have known his Daddy, Chris, for a very long time will get a big kick out of this. We are the proud grandparents, naturally!

Click here for News Kids starring Connor Mattson!

Connor, this is too awesome, Bud! You look fabulous and did a great job!

And the Emmy goes to Connor G. Mattson for outstanding reporting on News Kids!

Lots of love,

Gramma & Grampa


Miss Jen said...

this really is too cute for words! Good One Connor!

Laura said...

He is SOOOOO cute as a news anchor. Adorable.

Jim said...

Connor...You Da' Man!!
I am very proud of you and admirer the effort you put into making your NewsKids report so good. I do have some questions for you about all of this here is my first set of questions:
1. It looks like there were 14 NewsKides Reporters from Wasatch Elem. School, with 2 from the second grade. How was it that you were one of them?

2. Did you have to write your own story?

3. Who took the great pictures of the Kittens?

3. How many "takes" did you have to do?

4. If you had the chance would you do an other report?

Please write back letting all of your family know more about this wonderful experience. You did good!!

Love, Grandpa

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