Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weird/Funny Photos~Vote for Your Favorite

As I was looking through all the pictures of Italy there were some that were either funny, weird, or unusual so I wanted to just post some of them for fun.

Little Bo Peep and her Little Lost Sheep?

Yes, Rossie another train ride!

Munich Airport Restroom. Jim saw the fly and then realized it was tattooed into the porcelain. Every urinal had one. I have heard of weird places for tattoos but this beats all. Lowell, is this German humor? I am clueless.

Funny little car~no wonder they think we Americans are so
wasteful with our big gas guzzling SUVs, etc.

I thought these funny shaped trees @ Camp Darby looked like tilted umbrellas!

Weird modern sculpture of a skull made from large tin cans and old coffee pots, etc. This is found in Venice on the Grand Canal and seems entirely out of context??

Bride and Groom strolling along the Grand Canal in Venice.
Heading towards a romantic walk over Rialto Bridge.

This weird face on Ross appears to be for real. I wonder what is causing this expression? He looks like he is gagging and about to throw up??

Spencie's idea of funny! A deacon in training, no?

This bird has found his own personal throne!
I wonder how this poor dead guy would feel about that!
A strange choice for a bird brain but it does seem a little better than
some human choices we ran into and away from.

Yes, Missy, Shades of China!

Napping on the rocks in Chiavari

Rossie lost his jacket on the Vaporetto.
Grampa's vest will do.

My Latin Lover Boy!

Hi Spencer!

A decorator's nightmare~A little overkill on the rooftop of Saint Mark's in Venice.
Rick Steves calls it "Early Pillage"
They would steal relics from other cities and put them on the roof
so no one else could get them. Hello, on the church! Yeah!

Jim on the rocks~not a cocktail!

Like Father /Like Daughter
This girl is not going to feel the pea under her mattress, but she is a princess nonetheless!

We came to this rest stop out in the middle of nowhere and decided to eat our sack lunches here. We sat right by this full blown chapel for the weary traveler. Right next door is a very posh shoe store. Think~ the rest stops that we have ~with these two lovely additions for your spiritual and shopping convenience. With the bathroom they seem to have covered all the bases, I guess!

There is nothing so sweet as snuggle time with the kids
and reading a story together.
This is just great but I need an extra arm
to hold the book now! Wait a minute.....

Laura's supernumerary arm!
She conceals it well while out and about, don't you think?
And now a moment of silence for the photo that never was....

~Laura covered in dirty white flour in the Uffizi Museum~
Truly a slap stick, Lucille Ball (Rosemary Clooney) moment~never to be forgotten.

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Miss Jen said...

Funn! I love Laura's extra arm---I need one of those. Also Ross in Grampa's vest. The toilet tattoo is pretty good too.

laura.elizabeth said...

Wow, Dad got some rather silly photos. I think I like the one of Ross gagging on the bridge- I don't know why it just makes me laugh. The deacon in training and bird brain are great too. Of course, I absolutely despise the ones of me but the extra arm photo is kind of funny looking. Great post by the way.

laura.elizabeth said...

Spencer and Ross both like the picture with grandpa on the Bridge in Venice. They like the one where Ross looks like he is "throwing up!"

The Christensons said...

tattoo was pretty weird and funny, but the expressions of the boys really got me every time!

Bonnie said...

A post from Emily

By the way, I'm lovin' the blog! I love
all the photos, hard to pick just one as the funniest. I do have to
say that Rossie is quite entertaining in each one! I vote little
Rossie as the funniest in the family!

Let me know about the 31st. Talk to you soon...



Jim said...

OK folks...hands down the best and funnest is the "Spencer and Ross ham-it-up while Grandpa goes for the cheese-ball sincere grin on Ponte Rialto in Venice" picture.

The funny part is I was unaware that I was the only one taking this Kodak moment seriously.