Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sculptures of Italy

Sculptures are to Italy as Starbucks is to the US. They are everywhere. They are magnificent and amazing. You cannot think of Italy and sculptures without thinking of Michelangelo. You cannot think of Michelangelo without thinking of David. You have all seen it but in keeping with the PG rating of my blog I am going to share the backside with you...! Once when we were in the Louvre in Paris, our tour guide mentioned we should take particular notice of the backside of Venus de Milo as you never see it in pictures, and so it is with David. So just for you...the back of David.

Taking something so 3-dimensional and photographing it does not begin to do it justice but I had the opportunity to sit in a chair at the base of the square column you see to his right. Just sitting and looking at it for about 20 minutes he totally came alive. The cold marble began to take on a human quality I cannot really describe. The skin looked like skin, it almost looked like there was blood coursing through his veins. He stands 5.17 meters tall and I'll let you metric fans figure that one out~but it is very large. Michelangelo was 26 when he was commissioned to do this work.

Most famous Pieta (one of several by Michelangelo and other sculptors)

Mary and Jesus after the crucifixion

He was just 24 when he did the Pieta that stands in the right nave of St. Peter's Basilica behind bullet proof glass. He was a genius~no doubt about it and his gift was God-given. What I love about that is that he developed it and gave that gift back to the world for all to enjoy and marvel over. The interesting thing about Michelangelo is that he truly was the Renaissance Man with talents in so many other areas as well.

Another sculpture that is absolutely amazing is found in the Piazza de Trevi which is also in Rome. Trevi Fountain is so immense it absolutely takes your breath away. Here is an aerial view of it so you can picture the scale compared to the tiny specks that are people surrounding the fountain's edge.

This fountain is always crowded but well worth the visit as legend has it that anyone who turns their back to the fountain and heaves in a coin will definitely be coming back to Italy. Jim did this and I am glad as he is not leaving home without me! Since I have been blogging about the trip, I have come to realize that we have barely scratched the surface of what there is to see and learn in Italy! This beautiful country is just oozing culture and history, romance and charm. Save Your Euros!


Miss Jen said...

Hi! It's been so fun reading about Italy! Sorry I've been such a lurker but I am reading so many blogs now I have to kind of rotate who I comment on. Anyway-keep telling us all about it and tell us where the best places are since we are going next year.

Bonnie said...

I vote for family first for comments. I am reading a lot now too. I loved your post on your Google reader. Have been checking them out. Some great ones. I always read family and friends first then the others. It is very educational and fun, isn't it? I know Dad and I and Laura and Robert can give you lots of info on your travels now that we have a point of reference. That seems majorly important

Laura said...

Oh, how it makes me want to go...... Maybe one day!!!

The Gatchell Crew said...

WOW Bonnie, I love love love reading about your amazing trip. I am in love with the art, the sculptures, the beautiful paintings of Italy. I am really enjoying reading your take on your trip. Thanks for posting such detailed comments on the things you saw while there. I am living Italy through you right now. Who knows some day maybe I too will be able to take it all in as you did. THANKS!