Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Burano, The Beautiful

When traveling to Italy, don't miss this beautiful little Island and town. We took the Vaporetto (water bus) over to the island and discovered it was very well worth the hour's trip from San Marco Square in Venice. If you get a day pass it covers the cost of going here and anywhere in Murano, Lido (two other islands) and Venice. We got a 48 hour pass for about 25 Euros. It was well worth it. This town is a miniature Venice without all the glitz. We felt no big need to ride on a gondola after all the water travel we already had paid for with the pass.

I Am In Love With This Picture!

How could you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed in this town? The entire town decided to add this amazing color array to every single house and the results are spectacular. This is probably the only place in the world where this will work because everyone agreed it would be fun, and it would create a unique atmosphere for their little island. As you can see it has it's own canals and the boats parked here belong to the homeowners. It is amazing to think that people actually get to live here. This is my version of Under the Tuscan Sun~fall in love and never want to leave~kind of a place. Can you imagine raising kids here? Check this photo out~apparently some lucky little kids do live here! This place is so whimsical and fun it is hard to believe it actually exists. It is impossible to imagine anything bad could happen here.

Many front doors have curtains outside for privacy when they want to open their front doors on a nice day. They are so decorative and pretty. Jim took photos of many front doors in Burano.

Doors of Burano!

Note Jim's reflection in the door

The kids had so much fun here and Jim was right there with the camera. Laura and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at a canal side cafe and the boys played by the edge of the lagoon. Jim took this tricky photo of the boys making it look like they are dangling from a stone wall but it is really a docking place for boats with a walkway they are standing on. Love the effect though. One of the boys favorite thing on the trip was making faces for the camera. There are only a few where someone is not looking totally goofy on purpose.

Pigeon Feeding in Burano.
They are not as well-trained as the ones in Venice!

Which Goofy Face is different than the rest? Hello Rossie!

Which color would you choose for your house?
I was kind of liking the red!

We stayed in this little town about four hours and it was delightful in every sense of the word. No one wanted to leave! Don't miss it when you go! If you want to watch the glass blowers you can go to Murano but we preferred Burano, hands down. Murano is more touristy and the demonstration they do is basically make two quick items and then escort you to their showroom so you can buy things. We just loved the laid back atmosphere in Burano. They also have lace shops and lots of other stuff but there is also some easy, relaxing time there too with benches where you can just sit and enjoy the water and the quaint little town.

And, whatever you do, don't skip the gellato!
We rated it a 10+!

It is delicious and beautiful. I wonder if this is where they got their inspiration for their little rainbow village? What a happy, happy place to be!

If we go missing put out an APB in Burano,
Italy ~ if you want to find us, that is!


Laura said...

What a romantic place. I sorta' like the orange colored homes. It looks like it is out of a movie. How incredible to live somewhere so magical. Maybe in my next life........

The Christensons said...

i like the yellow homes, i don't know why cause i love red, but i really am drawn to the yellowish ones, and the blue ones oh whatever i'll take ANY of them!!! gorgeous pictures! you're teasing us with just a few every day arnt you?!

laura.elizabeth said...

Fabulous post Mom. I agree Burano was my favorite place in Venice! I can't wait to go back...anyone want to come? The pictures were great too- good job Dad!

Laura said...

I also love that gellato. Looks so delish. I just need a little bit!