Friday, December 4, 2009

But Honey, The Kitchen Isn't Pastel Anymore...!

OK, here are a very few photos of my recent finds and my "not decorated for Christmas" house. It is mostly only in the kitchen where everything is re-done in new colors. What's a girl to do? I was afraid that if I waited another year I wouldn't find anything to go in there. You know how the industry is always changing colors on us and the Italian kitchen has probably run its course in their minds. Come on, Honey, work with me here, K?

Truth be told, I am a collector of Christmas. Always have been, always will be...I have resigned myself to it. It is not about need, it is about love of all things Christmas. I don't even want to find a is what I love to do. I plan for it because I know I cannot resist. Everyone has their thing and this is one of mine. No apologies.

This is where I put it so we can look at it whenever we are at the sink or just walking through the kitchen. I love these glittered boards made by Moonlight and Roses here in California. They are simply gorgeous and they have them for every possible occasion or purpose. The website link is just beneath the enlarged photo above. I fell in love with this Santa for several reasons. The vintage look, the colors, the glitter (which I wish you could see in the photo) and he is not smoking a pipe. What's not to love? My friend, Faye, and I have a collection of these boards. I have 4 and I have no idea how many she has but she has all the holidays covered pretty well!

The SWEET metallic angel you see in this centerpiece for our kitchen table was given to me by Jen when I was making her wreath over Thanksgiving break and just happened upon it in her treasure box. I fell in love with her and I guess all my drooling over this little angel forced my daughter's hand. Whoops, add shameful look here!! Actually, she was very sweet about it and thought to gift me with it all on her own. Thanks, Jennifer! It reminds me of all the angels in your house. It is more gold than yellow and speaks of Christmas memories. The copper and antiqued gold ornaments and the tray I already had so no cost here. :-)

I did buy this pretty, glass, mosaic Christmas tree for my kitchen window sill at HomeGoods. It has all the right colors and even a black star which looks so fab with the black accents in the kitchen. I like that you can see it through the window when you come to the door. In the winter I like to put out my copper colander and fill it with hot chocolate packets, hot cider, and herbal teas just in case you stop by.

A few weeks ago I won a blog give away from my sweet friend Becky. She is just a doll and has a wonderful blog...warning... you may get hooked on her beautiful, positive words and photos. Face the fear and run right over here!

One of the teas is Twinnings Winter Spice that you see in the colander and is from Becky along with a box full of other goodies and a sweet card she had made. The tea is delicious and really takes that morning winter chill off. She had the gifts surrounded with beautiful gold tissue paper and on top she had laid some gorgeous silk fall leaves and some acorns. I added them to my collection of acorns here.

I just how this looks with our table!

This is the sweet little fabric pumpkin that she sent is. It is that shimmery copper fabric (how did she know I am hooked on copper) and it is much too precious to put away until next fall so it will stay out for awhile.

The box did contain a lot of of cool things
including this JOY ornament!
Thanks for the JOY of this great surprise, Becky!

I did buy one other thing that I have hanging in our family room. It is a metal sign with the white, glittery, metal tags, with letters spelling Merry Christmas hanging from a twisted wire.

So there you have it, my not decorated for Christmas home! The rest of the house is barren. I'd love to see your decorations! I am really fighting that urge to just get out the plethora of boxes and do it...we have got to hurry and get on that plane to Italy!


I decided to enter this into Melissa's holiday decorating party. She has this every Friday during December. Stop on over and see what others are doing. The Inspired Room.


Caroline Craven said...

I love your decorations. Is that glitter board an 8x10? It looks bigger. They are adorable. I love the ones with the birds in them. I have a thing for birds lately! Are all of the cards at Moon Light & Roses on boards? Your home looks so cozy, even without it decorated (which I don't believe for a minute)!

Bonnie said...

Hi Caroline,

The images have been reproduced on ¼” wood, embellished with glitter and a color-coordinated French ribbon (if hanging) or a wooden stand in the back (if standing). Most measure approximately 10.5” x 16.5”.

they also have 8x10 in most of the boards. I have rarely seen their cards so I am not familiar with which ones have been made into boards but here are a ton of them to view online.

I forget to get back to you regarding our departure..12/12/09

Bonnie said...

Caroline thanks for liking the decor..really it is pretty sparse as far as Christmas is concerned. Usually I totally transform the house at this time of year.

I too have taken a sudden liking to birds and I think it is because the market has been flooded with really cute ones, especially in Utah!

Marie said...

I just love what you have shown us here Bonnie!! You have impeccable taste. I wish you could come and decorate my house! Oh what a wonderful thought!!

Caroline Craven said...

Okay, I was looking at the cards and didn't even see the vintage wall art section. I can see tons that I want to order just out of the Christmas section! These are adorable and as far as I can tell, haven't made the Utah scene yet, so great unique gift ideas for me. Thanks for the tip.

Bonnie said...

You are welcome, Caroline. I have purchased a few for gifts this year. Most of the family and few friends will have one after this year. They have been pretty fast with their shipping too.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I just stopped by from Nellie's blog and glad I did. I do need to ask where in Ca. you are~we lived in northern Ca. for 56 yrs and moved to northern Co. two years ago. There are certain things I miss but not too much. I love seeing your decorations and home so I'll be back.

BECKY said...

Hi Bon! Love seeing your not decorated home! We have similar taste in home decor for sure, but believe it or not, I am beginning to become way more eclectic.
I LOVE so much of the vintage/vintage inspired stuff that it is slowly making it's presence known in our home. I am just getting started decorating but am powering down and simplifying.The shelf sweet hubby made to go over our console will be decorated rather primitively, and the rest of the house more elegant.
Such fun!

So glad you are enjoying the items from your goodie box. I really want to do a Christmas giveaway, but probably won't get around to it. Still no fixed 'puter so I'm on Bird's Mac. I know you love them, but me...not so much.

Hope your trip is amazing, and am praying for it all!!

Love and hugs to you dear friend!

BECKY said...

BTW, Bon, I forgot to say that I love all of your Christmas stuff, especially the angel and the cute metal garlandy sign!!

Squishy hugs,