Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Connor!

This is Connor's 4th grade picture. Since his birthday is so late in the year, he is one grade behind the other two cousins (Piper and Spencer) that are 10. This always confounds me as he is just as mature as they are.

We like having all three of them being the same age essentially, as it is fun to see the trends and to realize the three of them are no longer little kids. They were all born within seven months of each other and each year that gap is getting smaller. They are so smart and knowledgeable about so many things that they always surprise us. They are definitely kids born in the information age.

I have noticed that Connor is very grown up in so many ways. He is responsible and works hard to accomplish things like his piano practicing. When I was in Utah in October he played a 13 page concerto for me that he had memorized. I thought that was pretty amazing for taking lessons less than a year. There is some natural talent there, obviously from the other side of the family!

Grampa has challenged him to a bike ride this year and just tonight Grampa said, " I think it will be a ten mile bike ride. One for each of Connor's years." Don't feel bad, Connor, Grampa likes to do it around his birthday and he will be riding all day this year!

I called Connor's Mom and it is confirmed...Connor is nearing adulthood as a young man in this family. When she asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said..."No clue!" All the men in this family belong to the same club. Good thing the women pick up the slack, is all I can say!

So, Connor, have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your choice of Fettuccine the Lion House way, for dinner tonight. And have a fun friends birthday party over the weekend and a great new year. We will call you tomorrow after school, Con.

Grampa and I love you very much and are so proud of you. Keep up the good work, OK? Take care of our Wii Me people ,OK? I think they look just like us, don't you? I am still flabbergasted by how well you can play on it!

Eat Cake, Buddy! Enjoy your special day!
XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO times 2 plus one to grow on!


Marie said...

Happy Birthday to Connor! What a handsome young man he is, and he sounds like a lovely young man as well, which is the most important thing of all!! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
what a cutie Connor is, I think he looks a lot like your Jim especially up around the eyes.
Wow, that is something he played that long concerto by memory and with only taking lessons for less than a year! I would say this young man has some serious talent!
How Wonderful!
Hope you are getting yourself all together over there, and that your last day can be a lil restful so you aren't going crazy.
I hate that last min. feeling of did I forget anything and go over the list in my head a gazillion times!
Only 2 more days!! Bet you are lying awake at night with anticipation!
You have a really great day
and a Really Great Merry Christmas Dear Bonnie,
Love and Blessings,

Caroline Craven said...

I'm guessing this is Chris's son - strong family resemblance! I have a hard time keeping your grandkids straight, like which of your grandkids belong to which of your kids. Did you get your package yet? Let me know.