Friday, December 18, 2009

Past Due Reunion

Finally we got onto the last leg of the flight. The view was gorgeous and we would have missed flying over the Alps in daylight and this beautiful sight had we flown in on the original plan.

At this point we were pretty excited and felt like we really were going to see our kids at last! Robert was gone on Navy business but Laura, Spencer and Rossie met us with happy faces and welcome signs! So sweet and wonderful to be together again after nearly two years.

I am not overly thrilled with these photos but I think we were just too excited and happy to focus literally and figuratively. The one I took of Jim and the kids was terribly blurry and just plain awful. Suffice it to say, it was a great moment in spite of the photography! Within minutes we were unloading our luggage and getting settled in their beautiful home. The Christmas decorations and being with them made it finally feel like Christmas! I'll include some photos of their home as things progress.

We spent most of this day getting settled, dealing with a little jet lag and getting $ exchanged and passes to get onto the base for the month we are here. Spencer had helped make a delicious white bean chowder and we enjoyed our first Italian crusty bread in a long time.

We went to bed anticipating our day trip to Naples on Tuesday the 14th. Some of us (mostly me) had a few nightmares about all the things we heard about the Naples experience, I have to admit I felt pretty scared but that is just me. Me being overly cautious to balance out Jim's cavalier attitude and adventuresome spirit. I think our kids needed both of us growing up! We are Yin and Yang here, no question about it!


The Hopkins said...

I'm so happy for you!! Didn't know Jim's mom was going along hmmm. Have a blast and soak in everything so you can tell us all about it!

Connie said...

LOVE hearing about your adventures, and hope you are having a BALL!!! Hug your precious family for us, and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, my dear Bon!!!!

Caroline Craven said...

I'm so excited to hear you finally made it to Italy and Laura. It sounds like maybe you travel like I do, a bit nervous, while Jim travels a lot like Kent, not nearly nervous enough. I would have been a nervous wreck in Germany, but Kent would simply enjoy the delay. I'm looking forward to lots of posts so we can enjoy Italy vicariously!

LA Adams said...

It's great to know that you two just meld together as life goes on. It's also great you are safe and happy!
I love how you are rolling positively with your trip, have a really great day tomorrow.